Golf Equipments

Ping G25 Irons


The Ping G25 Irons is priced around RM1,400 and that is around the medium level of clubs in 2019. What it brings to your game, however, is a different story because, for this price, you will definitely appreciate its quality.

Why the Ping G25?

Behind the Ping G25 are support bars. This is done in order to push out more impact and relief when you hit the ball. On top of that, you get slightly thinner topline and sole too. This will then give you better turf interaction and in return provide you with better playability.

In terms of performance, the people in Ping has done so much with this, it is almost unbelievable. For starters, you will get straighter ball flight which means you will enjoy its forgiveness which is superior compared to many others in this market. The Ping G25 is typically a workhorse and it gives you some really great distance.

Any cons?

There really isn’t much downside to the Ping G25 and at this price point, it would possibly be one of the most exciting clubs around for 2019. It comes with the D0 Swing weight and a Cavity Back design while they fitted the Ping 360 ID8 grip too. Giving you superior interaction with the turf, you will appreciate the light custom grips very much. The club gives you a very smooth swing and you get to control your spin better too.

The look and feel of this club are extremely impressive but take note that it might not be the club for everyone as it needs a little getting used to. As such, it would be ideal for the more experienced golfers who know what they are after and what they are in for while the new players might find this a bit too difficult to handle.