Maruman Conductor Pro X2 Driver


Price: About RM3,500

Feel: The Maruman Conductor Pro X2 Driver has an all-rounded head which is large enough to hit the ball you want. It gets to great height very quickly after impact and produces that sound that most golfers crave.

Look: The head is almost fully covered with black finishing and the shaft is predominantly red. If this does not make heads turn, nothing will.

Driver that looks good and plays good

Key Technologies: The most significant thing about this is its design which is intended for maximum COG (Centre of Gravity). Besides that, its crown is made for efficient energy transfer which makes it as playable as any top club out there.

Playability: You get very good trajectory with this one. Once you hit the ball, you watch it fly and is a unique type of satisfaction golfers get.

Forgiveness: The energy transfer is quite flawless here. Misses are mostly not felt because once the ball flies, it corrects itself almost automatically.

Distance Control: If strength and power is what you like, this is the top performer. Distance is quite mediocre with this but if you hit harder, it travels to where you want it to.

Cons: There really isn’t that much negatives about this driver. What you need is to hit it hard to get it to travel, otherwise it is a great driver to have.

Summary: Quite an affordable driver from the Japanese manufacturer. It looks really good and modern. A head-turner if you have it in your bag. Better with the seasoned players and might not be preferred by beginners though.

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