Nike Golf Vapor Speed Irons


Price: RM3,200 for the steel version and about RM400 more for the graphite version.

Feel: Once the iron hits the ball, you know you are holding a great irons. The soft impact gets you the feedback which is sufficient.

Look: Perhaps the prettiest one in the block. It is one of those clubs you like to be seen holding anywhere.

New look with great play from Nike

Key Technologies: What Nike has done to this is quite remarkable. They used the ‘FlyBeams’ technology which is specifically intended to give you more energy transfer when the club hits the ball.

Playability: This irons is quite a pleasant club to play. Unsurprisingly, it is among the best in its class. Playable in both directions, you get a medium-high ball when you hit and nice for rougher grounds.

Forgiveness: You rarely get wild shots with this one. It comes with quite a nice directional control and would be ideal for the seasoned players.

Distance Control: When you get medium height with this one, you get a very good distance along the way. It has one of the better controls when it comes to distance even when it is riding against the wind.

Cons: The Vapor Speed might look good and all, but the long shaft might not be everyone’s favourite and this could compromise on the control before the hit.

Summary: The Nike Vapor Speed irons is one of the best performers in any category. It is not too heavy probably because of its hollow body. The good looks would only be bonus if you hold this but it is the game that makes the Vapor a class above the rest.

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