Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver


Price: Approximately RM,1600

Feel: The swing will give you the satisfaction every golfer craves. Some claimed that driver is the best that the Japanese manufacturer had ever made.

Look: This driver comes with a grey-coloured finish and black face. That’s almost as classical as it gets. The large head just adds to the confidence for the player.

Ready? Aim, Hit!

Key Technologies: The head in this driver is designed longer between the toe and the heel as well as between the front and back as compared to previous versions. As such, you get better moment of inertia.

Playability: This driver is a great club which has a perfect weight distribution. You get very good height which sometimes come almost effortless.

Distance Control: For a driver of this range, it is one of the best in its category. When you hit it, you know it is going to travel very far and that is what you will get.

Forgiveness: Among many in this class, the Mizuno JPZ-EZ would be at the top for forgiveness. In bad slices, the club amends the line so well that it makes you think you have not even missed in the first place.

Cons: There really isn’t much downside to this. It is not an expensive club to buy but the sound can be a bit too loud for some.

Summary: The combination of form and function is perfectly exuded with this club. There is a reason why may has claimed that it is the best to come out from Mizuno to date and clearly, it is.

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