Most Expensive Golf Balls


Playing a serious game of golf means you must be serious about what you play with. While you can have the most expensive clubs and drivers, you must emphasize on the ball too.

How Crucial is having expensive golf balls?

It starts with knowing your own game. From the get-go, you might think that having any golf ball will work for you. This, however, might not be the case. When you start to improve on your swing, you will start to realize that a good golf ball makes a big difference. It is like any other golf equipment where the more expensive it is, the better quality you will find. So, what would be your game plan? We list out the most expensive golf balls this year.

Titleist AVX

It might not be ideal but this list happen to be quite populated by some of these top brands and Titleist is among there at the top. One thing for sure, it is among the most expensive range this year. For a box of 12, it would put you off by RM350 and it is meant for those who are looking for accuracy in their shots while getting the distance that they are looking for. The 3-layered design is well-done to wrap the ball in offering you the slick shot that your swing would desire.

Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis

This ball is perfect if you are looking for one that has the retro look to it. It costs you about RM240 per dozen which puts it among the more expensive ones in the market this year. It is after all one of those that have been around for at least 2 years now. The colored pattern is what gives it away but it is not all about aesthetics here. Using the Dual SoftFast Core means that the speed is improved while the spin gets lowered which is quite genius.

Volvik Vista iV

The Volvik Vista iV goes for about RM210 per dozen and is one of the brands that perhaps the avid golfer would know. As with any other equipment, the beginner might not know Volvik as much as the others but for those who do, it is all about quality. In fact, Volvik golf balls are renowned for offering some of the best-colored balls. In fact, you will find a lot of pro players on tour using Volvik balls when they tour and because of its colors, they are quite a hit with the female golfers.

Nike One Tour

This is one ball which takes the cake when it comes to technology. At about RM200 for 12-balls, it has a 4-layer outlay to it. And on the outside, the 378 dimples make it specifically good if you are looking for long distance. What makes this ball so remarkable is that while Nike might not at times be seen as a golf-focused brand, this one is one of the best you can find in the market (and thereby almost as expensive too).

Titleist Pro V1

This is perhaps the top when it comes to price and performance. It is, after all, the top golf brand in the world today not only within its golf clubs but in the golf ball as well. What makes the Pro V1 so interesting is in its reduced spin especially during long shots. Made from Urethane Elastomer means that it is very durable and goes for about RM200 per dozen. One thing for sure, this ball might not be the ideal one for beginners but perfect for those really serious about the game.

TaylorMade Lethal

The TaylorMade Lethal golf ball has been seen as TaylorMade’s answer back into the golf ball segment. Costing RM200 per dozen, it is perhaps one with the top in this list. Meant for those with higher swing speeds, it is perfect for tour players which when compared to its other sibling, the Pro V1, seems to be able to stand on its own. Make no mistake about it, the Lethal is one of the top-of-the-range here and has been used by some of the top players including Tiger Woods.

Callaway Supersoft

It costs RM239 for a dozen of the Callaway Supersoft golf balls and it comes with a reputation. What you want with the Supersoft is to gain maximum distance. A lot of players have reviewed that the Callaway Supersoft is the ‘perfect’ golf ball they have ever played in as it is the Callaway ball with the lowest compression. This means you get very good distances with this ball with its own Tri-onomer cover. Another cool thing about the Supersoft is that there are several colors to choose from.

TaylorMade TP5X

Word has it that the TaylorMade TP5X is the best from this premium golf brand in terms of design. It is great for short gameplay as its Dual Spin cover gives the elevation something to be reckoned with. But having said that, it does not mean that the TP5X is no good for long distances as it can have quite a good height.

Bridgestone Tour B330S

The Bridgestone is one of the top range brads when it comes to golf balls. The range for this series is designed for players who are going for making fastballs. In fact, it is perfect for golfers playing in the highest level, the Bridgestone Tour B330S is designed with the TOURcore technology and their own SlipRes cover means your shots get better spin control. The price for the Bridgestone Tour B330S is around RM200 per dozen, very much the same level as the others in this list.

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