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Wilson Staff



Wilson Staff is a subsidiary of the Wilson Sporting Goods company. Being the golfing arm of this global brand, it is one of the oldest names in the sport. Based in Chicago, Illinois in the United States, Wilson Staff is involved in every type of golfing products. It carries numerous sub-brands like Hope, ProStaff, Wilson and Profile, among others.

Most of the sub-brands are usually perceived to be the more affordable and economy range while the higher-range products are marketed under the Wilson Staff umbrella which come with their own attire, clothing and other items.

Sets the W in every golfer’s game


It was in 1932 when Gene Sarazen, a member of the Wilson advisory board got inspired by the wing of an airplane to produce the ‘bounce’. This brought about the 1933 sand wedge which Wilson then sold more than 50,000 units.

Known as the R-90, it was the best-selling product then which has remained as the most popular sand wedge ever since. Later, a design that move the weight away from the heel of the club head was made which would then become the Wilson Ogg-mented irons.

A revolutionary ball design was made by Wilson in 1954 that was able to launch 40% faster. Another breakthrough technology that came from Wilson was in 2005 when it claimed to be the first company to use nanotechnology in the production of golf equipment which has since become one of the most talked-about product to date.


Wilson Staff is often seen as one of the most popular golf brands in any segment. It is predominantly used by golfers in tournaments while the brand sponsors certain championships as well. As a sporting brands, Wilson is constantly associated with tennis and other racquet games. As such, its Wilson Staff arm is significantly popular in the golfing fraternity.

Who uses Wilson Staff?

Over the years, Wilson Staff has been used by some of the most popular names in golf including Arnold Palmer and Gene Sarazan. Sarazan and Wilson has the longest-running contract in the history of any sport having forged the relationship for more thatn 70 years. Apart from that, golfers who have used Wilson’s staff are Nick Faldo, John Daly, Vijay Singh and Ben Crenshaw while it continues to sponsor many players in the modern circuit.

Wilson Equipment

Wilson has a full range of golfing equipment that include clothing lines for men and women golfers. Their golf shoes, tops, bottoms, gloves and caps are seen by some of the top players during tournaments.

In terms of clubs, the Wilson drivers are often reviewed to be among the top in its class. This includes the FG Tour F5, the D-200s and such. Besides that, Wilson makes top notch fairways and hybrids like the F5 Fairway Woods, the D-100 and D200 Hybrids both standard and for women.

Other notable products from Wilson include the Wilson C200 Irons, the FG Tour V4, Tour M3, the FT Tour PMP Wedges and the Infinite Series of putters. Wilson’s FG Tour and DUO Series of golf balls are among the most popularly used as well.