Your Guide to Golf Coaching – Why you need a coach to improve faster in golf?


Are you seeking professional help to get your golf game up and running? Have you heard so much about how lovely the game of golf is and you want to learn how to play? While you can get off the ground by watching videos and reading them online, nothing beats having a personal coach to give you the pointers that even Tiger Woods engages a personal coach to help him.

Factors to consider when looking for golf coaches

Finding a golf coach is very much similar to looking for a teacher. There are several factors that must be considered which should be as follow:

  • Level: From the basics to the higher levels, you need to know where you are in order to find the right coach. One of the common misconceptions is that you do need a fully-pro coach to get you to the right start and that any golfer will do. In fact, to get your basics right, you need someone who has played the game long enough to help you.
  • Timing: You need to find a coach who can accommodate your time frame. If you are going to learn the game by following the time of your coach, chances are you will lose interest very soon if you do not get to learn the game at your convenience.
  • Cost: the concept is simple where the higher level you go, the more expensive it would be. More on the pricing later
  • Setup: Should you learn solo or in a group? Most people will tell you that learning in a group will let you learn faster.

Types of Coaching classes

Generally, there are a few types of golf coaching classes that are offered.

  • Age-base: Golf coaching lessons are offered based on the age range. There are coaching for kids who can be as young as 4 years of age. There are those that are designed for teenagers who might want to take it up as a competitive sport. For adults and there are classes for senior citizens.
  • Size: Golf coaching lessons that are provided either for a single player or in a group. In most cases, most coaches do not hold classes for more than 5 players at any time.
  • Level: This covers coaching lessons that are tailored specifically for a reason. You can get a coach to train you for a competition or for a specific improvement.

So, how much should you be paying for coaching?

As a rule of thumb, golf coaching classes are charged based on certain market rates. This, however, differs based on the level of the coach. If the coach is a professional, the rate will consequently be higher. Here are some guidelines.

  • You can be charged on a bulk class amount. This means you pay from RM800 to RM1,200 for 10 or 12 lessons.
  • 5 lessons might be between RM200 and RM400.
  • You might be charged based on per person per lesson. The going rate is between RM25 and RM55 for a basic level coach while the professionals will surely charge more. This type of class is very common for the preparation of tournaments.
  • If you plan to start from the basics to be able to play the 18-hole full course, then be prepared to pay more than RM1,000 for coaching lessons.
  • Don’t be overly enthusiastic to get the most expensive clubs from Day 1. For the kids, used and second-hand golf clubs would be sufficient. Most of the kids will be playing at the golf range and do not need expensive sets yet. It’s normal to test the water before committing to a whole new set.
  • For the adults, you can start with an RM1,000 to RM2,000 full set of clubs including drivers and putters. A set of Callaway clubs with a golf bag can be bought at about RM1,900 which is quite a steal. For a reputable brand, a full set of golf clubs for kids should not cost more than RM800.

Should you get a personal coach?

It is always good to have a personal coach who can guide you as you progress in your game. In fact, a personal coach gives you one-to-one lessons that can chart your development as a golfer and in the techniques. What makes this option really good is that you get very focused attention from the coach. There will not be any unnecessary distractions. But there is always a flip side to this. When you are alone, you cannot share notes as there is no one to do so. Once you get bored, you can quit the classes anytime and that is a major disadvantage of having a personal coach.

Learning in groups

On the other hand, you can always opt to engage a golf coach who will teach you in groups. This is most suitable for kids as it means that they get to interact more with each other. Learning in groups would be ideal if there are about 3 to 5 players in a group as it is neither too small or overly large. In fact, 3 to 5 players is perfect for kids to learn from a coach. It is more fun this way and they will not be bored too quickly. Some factors to consider though:

  • Ensure that the kids are given access to play 1 to 9 holes as they get a real feel of the game. Some coaches only teach them how to swing at the golf range and that is not helping at all.
  • The kids should learn not only swinging but chipping and putting as well so that they can be ready when they go to the greens.

Standard Golf Coaching Fee Table

Lesson Price
1-Lesson Package
(Valid for 2 weeks)
RM 180.00 nett
3-Lesson Package
(Valid for 1 month)
RM 480.00 nett
6-Lesson Package
(Valid for 2 months)
RM 870.00 nett
10-Lesson Package
(Valid for 3 months)
RM 1,270.00 nett
Group Coaching For group tuition, add RM 40.00 nett per pax / per hour (max 3 person). Group tuition for 4 pax and above is available on request.
9-Hole Course Lesson
(Max 2 hours)
RM 280.00 nett
Additional RM 40.00 nett per person (max 3 person)
Course lessons are available with prior booking through the Club. Green fee, buggy fee, caddie fee and golfer’s insurance are payable by the student.

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