New Golf Drivers for 2021


The names are in! if you are wondering if there are any new drivers to up your game next year, you are in for a treat as we spell them out for you.

Honma TR20 Drivers

Drawing its inspiration from the TW47 drivers which were hugely popular, the gloss-painted crown still entertains. You get to choose among the 3 different weight choices catered to suit every game level. With a smaller and thinner side, it gives more room for the swing and definitely a better hit.

This means you get to achieve the ball speed that you set out to during center strikes (and even mishits to some extent). You get to modify your game through the interchangeable weight ports too.

What we liked or disliked

Basically, it is the look of this classic driver that gives it away. You also get to make the relevant adjustments to your game. The sheer price of it though might put you off.

XXIO X Driver

Any avid golfer will know the quality of XXIO clubs. This Japanese clubmaker has been on it for decades now (and leading the market there too). With their latest XXIO X driver, you get state-of-the-art technologically improved clubs.

The first thing you might notice is the clubhead which comes with a silver face and large head to give you more punch during the hit. This means you get a larger sweet spot that gets you more distance.

What we liked or disliked

Overall, the XXIO X driver is one club that most golfers will like. This club is nice to play with if you have a slow to medium swing speed mainly because of its light clubhead. The balance with this club is also impeccable. The downside is the price which is about RM3,000 but that would be the pice you pay for quality.


The new AKA line from ONOFF created so much buzz when it was launched. Known to be the ‘most forgiving’ driver of their generation, it comes totally redesigned and with new technology too. The trench imposed on the face and 3 more around it gives the driver a lot more playability. This was designed for better distance and surely forgiveness as well.

Besides that, it creates a deeper CG because of its carbon crown, balancing the weight down to the heard. Using HST140C titanium on the face and body attributes to this lightweight.

What we liked or disliked

This is one driver which attracts you merely by its looks. There is nothing you won’t like when you see it and possibly fall in love with it when you hold it. And we have not talked about swinging it yet. The balance is nice and sweet too. The price at RM3,800 might be on the high side though.

Daiwa GIII 8

Japanese clubmakers Daiwa’s latest GIII which stands for Grand Golf Gear has been something to be excited about in 2020 and more so for the next year. This is after all, a brand that produces some of the best performing clubs in recent years while maintaining their classical design and touch.

The GIII 8 is made to give elevate your game using some of their best technologies. Made with its Power Trench, you get more sweet spot and that is where distance and forgiveness gets a whole new makeover. They also included their COR or Coefficient of Restitution so that you get more speed too.

What we liked or disliked

Like all the other clubs in this class, the price is the only downside and this one tops it all at more than RM5,000. Otherwise, the golden motif on the clubhead is a joy to look at. The titanium design and the aerodynamic crown (shaped like a balloon) is different but is great on the hit.

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