Golf Shoe Brands


When it comes to the brand of your golf shoes, several factors come into play. You have to pick and choose carefully because every brand has its own unique characteristics and features. Among the factors that you must consider include:

  • Spiked or Spikeless – Determines traction and flexibility
  • Style – You choose between the classic look, modern or sandal-like
  • Texture – To use leather, synthetic or others
  • Weather-resistant – Whether you are looking for waterproof or normal.

Nike Golf Shoes

A brand that needs no introduction, Nike golf shoes have always been about performance and style. What makes them really nice is that Nike has specialty golf shoes as well as those that are already known. Known for breathability and weather-resistant, they are affordable and popular too. Their Lunar series is quite popular among golfers but there are Air Jordans for golf, Air Max for golf and even their street-popular Flyknit for golf too.

Callaway Golf Shoes

One of their most popular models includes the Callaway LaGrange and the Oceanside. Having designed apparel from scratch, Callaway shoes are known to promote better breathability and are lightweight. What makes this brand really unique is that they are made for the clubs that Callaway is equally as popular for.

Footjoy Golf Shoes

When you have a brand that has been making golf shoes for more than 150 years, you know they have your interest at heart. The reputation of Footjoy shoes is that they are made for performance. You get a lot of stability in your game while not having to worry about the ground conditions. As they are mainly in this segment, you get a lot of styles to choose from like their CountourFit and FLEX series.

Mizuno Golf Shoes

One of the popular names to come out in recent years would surely be the NexLite Mizuno shoes. Mizuno shoes have been known for good traction while their Gore-Tex model is one of the best when it comes to all-terrain use. Like its clubs, Mizuno shoes are designed with the best quality and technology they have.

ECCO Golf Shoes

If you are looking for style and function, then ECCO could well be up your alley. There are the classic looks and some which just look nice when worn. They are known for making shoes that are not stitched or glued which gives them some form of stability. Their BIOM series would surely resonate with most golfers who know this brand.

Adidas Golf Shoes

Another top sports brand’s in the golf shoe category. Sponsoring some of the top players in the PGA Tour proves how significant Adidas shoes are for them. Their Tour360 models fit comfortably and look good too. And they ave also put in some known names like Bounce, Climacool and Crossknit.

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