Golf Equipments

Rescue and Hybrid Clubs

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As a golfer, you should know by now that you do not use just about any club for your game. In fact, you must know the exact usage of every club or iron that you have in your bag.

What about Rescue Clubs?

It must be noted that each category of club has its own purpose. Whether it is a putter or a fairway woods, a driver or a rescue club, they are all designed with specific reasons. In most ways, a rescue club is actually a type of ‘hybrid’ club. Unlike the Fairway Woods (also more fondly known as ‘woods’), a rescue club is actually a smaller version of the ‘woods’. Because of this, it is often mistaken to be the same thing.
Where Fairway Woods have larger clubheads and being the longest clubs, the rescue club is different. In fact, they are often just known as hybrids. However, some would call them utility clubs. The main difference between a rescue club and a ‘wood’ is the size and the material used to make them. If you look at the club head of a rescue club, you will notice they are slightly smaller and definitely shorter than ‘woods’. They are usually made of wood and metal.

What are Rescue Clubs used for?

As the name implies, you will be forgiven to believe that the Rescue Clubs are used for rescue purposes. In fact, the clubhead has been designed and used to cut through thick areas of grass. This club is perfect for chips and even hitting down a ball.

What then is a hybrid?

As explained earlier, a rescue club is actually a hybrid club. So, what exactly constitutes a hybrid? Basically, it means the club is designed using the aspects of irons and woods but is not used the same way as either one. As the name ‘hybrid’ implies, it is a combination of different types or a mixture of 2 or more types. The main idea behind this is to get the best of both worlds. In other words, a hybrid club is one that swings like an iron but gives you the distance of what a ‘wood’ can do. At first glance, it might look just the same as any other club you might have in your bag but the hybrid head actually is designed to be different from either one of the other clubs.