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Srixon is one of the prominent golf brands from Japan. It is part of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd where Srixon is involved not only in golf but is among the most sought-after brands in tennis as well. SRI Sports Ltd is the company that oversees Srixon golf, a part of Sumitomo.

That which makes Srixon such a prominent brand in this sport is its revolutionary technology used in the design of golf balls. It is claimed that Srixon had once supplied golf balls to larger brands like Dunlop Slazenger in the past.

Top Japanese Golf Brand for you

Club Technology

Srixon’s golf balls are among the top in its class. It previously manufactured golf balls for Dunlop Slazenger and other brands while it has its own range of high-technology balls as well. Meanwhile, Srixon is commonly known to produce some of the best irons with their own revolutionary design.

Company’s Reputation

Being a Japanese brand in the sport which is overcrowded by top names like Ping and Titleist, Srixon is firmly established among players for its good quality in product. As Srixon is a part of Cleveland Golf, it is able to reach more players and market segment as one of the best golfing brands around.

Srixon golf clubs are quite well received not only among players but by reviewers as well. As such, it is very common for positive reviews to come out when Srixon products are concerned. Apart from being used in tournaments and championships, Srixon is a popular brand among amateurs and golfers with a strong presence particularly in Asia.

Srixon Equipment

The most prominent equipment that Srixon makes are golf balls. This is through its Z-Star series, the Q-Star, TriSpeed and others. It has been claimed that Srixon golf balls like the Z-Star XV is able to provide good distance which is why it resonated very well among some of the top golfers.

Meanwhile, Srixon’s golf clubs are constantly among the top in its class. Srixon drivers like the Z-Star and other models in this series like TX, Ti and RW are grouped together with the W, G and Z series, all of which have received very good response and review.

Apart from that, Srixon produces other clubs like fairways and hybrids. The Srixon Z355 is being rated as one of the top irons in recent years together with the I series in this category. Other equipment produced by Srixon includes wedges and the P series putters.

Srixon’s line of golfing attire and apparel are quite popular among players where it offers a full range of tops, caps and bags for both male and female golfers. The brand logo is often seen at tournaments and golf courses across the world.

Who uses Srixon?

There is a long list of renowned golfers who use Srixon for their game. The brand sponsors a lot of tournaments in the circuit while sponsoring players like Robert Allenby from Australia, Glen Day and Joe Durant from the United States, British player Brian Davis, Vijay Singh Miquel Angel Jimenez from Spain and Shane Lowry from Ireland, to name a few.