Wilson Staff C200 Irons – A handsome golf club that delivers quality to the game


The brand Wilson Staff will resonate with most golfers as it is one of the top brands for the game.

A club that attracts

Feel: The Wilson Staff C200 gives you a lot of power. A good hit will give you the feeling that all hits should sound and feel like this.

Look: Definitely a face-turner. Its sharp colors are attractive enough to contrast the greens of the turf. This look gives the golfer a lot to look forward to.

Powerful and Sturdy Irons

Price: The Wilson Staff C200 is available at RM3,200 for the steel shaft and RM3,600 for the graphite version.

Key Technologies: You get to enjoy the POWER HOLES technology designed to give you more flex when you hit the ball because the face and chassis is reduced significantly.

Playability: At the first hit, you get the feeling that the ball achieved a lot of flight. However, it is more mid-high iron actually. Great if you play at greens with tall grasses.

Forgiveness: Generally, the Staff C200 strikes a balance for curved balls and corrects them accordingly. With a club like this, you rarely need forgiveness really.

Distance Control: One thing for sure, the ball gets good aerial during misses. In fact, it has one of the better distances among those of the same category.

Cons: The Wilson Staff C200 Irons really does not have much downside except the distance. If you are not the best controller, it might not get to where you want. Otherwise, the irons are really a decent buy.

Summary: If you like power in your hits, then the Staff C200 is definitely your thing. However, it takes some getting used to and would be most ideal for the more seasoned swingers.

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