Takomo Irons – What is the hype and why should you be using them?


One of the recent names that has been surfacing lately in the golfing world is Takomo. This brand offers a full range of equipment which is known to be affordable and very functional.

A different approach to golfing

What makes Takomo clubs so interesting is that they sell direct-to-customers. This means they are able to channel the costs involved in middlemen and other expenses into providing cheaper and more cost-effective products.

Without needing to involve high marketing costs, it means players are able to enjoy more options and better prices. With many options to choose from, how should you choose the clubs and which one should you use? Below is the drill down.

Iron 101

Iron 101 is as the name implies, the basic and probably most popular. This is the club you need if you are looking for distance. It has a hollow body made with the classic blade looks which is very much how a standard club should be.

This club is perfect for players in most of the handicap levels (high to low) and great if you want to get a lot of distance and forgiveness.

Iron 101T

The outlook of this club is very similar to Iron 101 with its classic blade and hollow shaft. Players from the mid to scratch handicap will enjoy playing in this.

The Iron 101T is more suitable for those who have been playing for a while due to its unique contour which takes a while to get used to.

Iron 201

The Takomo Iron 201 is ideal for the more advanced golfer. It is a one-piece golf club with a weighted cavity back which means you need to maneuver a bit to the swing.

‘Players in the mid to scratch handicap will like this club which is great for those who want a forged feel during the game. This club also gives better forgiveness.

Iron 301 CB

Using soft S20C steel with a small back cavity, the one-piece Iron 301 CB would be preferred by seasoned players between the low to scratch handicap levels.

This is a club that gives a sturdy forged feel at the swing and impact and is great to work with for consistency.

Iron 301 MB

The Iron 301 MB is ideal for those in the scratch handicap. This is evident especially with the S20C soft steel muscle back giving them more composure. This club is ideal for them and gives the player a strong and sturdy feel when playing.

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