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Like any other iron in your bag of clubs, the putter is one that exude your character and how serious you are about your game. Each year, all the major golf brands will put out their own set of models and this year is no difference, below are the top putters for 2019.

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Take note that the price, while it might make some difference would not be the most influential factor in deciding in a putter is good. Typically, you need to look at the shape of the club and in most cases, swing it once to know if it fits your game. Below are some pointers that you might find useful.

Wilson Staff Infinite Bucktown

At only RM600 (or slightly more), the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckdown would take the cake for affordability. This would perhaps be one of the best putters this year if you take value-for-money into consideration. Weighing at 365gms, it could well be the best and most amazing putter in this pricing category where you can choose between the 8 different versions available that has been given a new MOI design.

Ping Sigma 2

This is one putter that allows you to adjust the length. Ping has been instrumental in educating the golfing world that putters used by tour pros should be 36 inches long. The past has been about 32 or so. Hence, they have decided to come up with this one that allows you to move between 32 and 36 inches in terms of length. The price is a bit on the high side though and it is about RM1,200 for the putter that weighs about 365 grams.

Bettinardi Queen Bee #5

This putter will cost you about RM2,100 where it is 362 gms. The Bettinardi Queen Bee #5 putter is a beauty just to look at and when it is played, it is even better. Its vertical face mill gives you a lot of confidence and security as you prep to take your ultimate shot. Its blade head is short and simple but it gives you the right balance to take the put.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven

It has 10 head shapes and weighs at 365gms. The Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven putter is priced at about RM1,400. The common practice for clubs from this brand is that they tend to use head-shapes that have been proven on tour and then making them available for the consumer market. As such, you can be sure of performance and they have now given the 2019 version an upgrade that increases not only the accuracy but the consistency as well.

Ping Sigma 2 Valor

The Ping Signa 2 Valor is priced at RM1,200 weighing at 365gms. It now comes with a 2-piece insert where you will like the feel which is softer and more collaborative. What you will not like here mostly might be the oversize head but they are designed in such a way to give you more forgiveness.

Evnroll ER 2.2

The Evnroll ER 2.2 would be among the more expensive ones in this list. At almost RM2,000 it is just slightly costlier than the Taylormade but it does not compromise in any department at all. This putter weighs at 355 gms and comes with the Evnroll Pistol grip. The idea behind this putter is to improve on the consistency and they have done just that with their own ‘progressive energy transfer grooves’ where it has since become one of the more popular names in the US.

TaylorMade Spider X

Among all the putters, the TaylorMade Spider X is among the more expensive ones. It costs around RM1,800 and is about the same weight as the Ping Sigma 2. The Spider X is actually an improved iron to its predecessor which is the Spider that saw a lot of success when it was launched. In fact, this putter has been so successful, TaylorMade has recorded that it is their best selling one in history. With a smaller head, it gives more proportion it surely shows how far the Spider has come which has already been around for about a decade now.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman

There is a reason why Odyssey is so renowned for its putters and this is one of them. The Stroke Lab Marx man is priced at about RM1,900 where it has a face balanced toe hang. Weighing at 365gms, the long alignment lines will be your ultimate guide on taking that stroke of yours. If you are looking for stability, then this might just be the putter for you. And did we mention that it has great forgiveness too?

Bettinardi Studio Stock #38

This putter is priced at about RM2,700 which means it is one of the more expensive ones around. It is at 358gms and has a slight toe hang. The Lamkin Deep Etched grip will inject more confidence and surely stability into your game. If there is one putter that you will over-pay for, then this would surely be the one. The putter itself with its clean lines are just amazement just to look at. And when you hit the ball with this one, the balance in itself is just a joy.

Odyssey EXO Seven

The Odyssey EXO Seven weighs 360 gms. It has a moderate toe hang and comes with a SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip. Priced at about RM2,000, there is a lot of good that comes from this putter. The aluminum center is very lightweight and this the pulls down to the clubhead which eventually gives it a better push for the ball upon impact. The design meanwhile is quite an interesting outlook where you will like its modern putter design bound to make heads turn.

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