Top 15 Drivers for 2019


An expensive club will guarantee good quality but it might not guarantee perfection. You need to get into more details if you want to perfect your swing.

Behold, the Best Drivers this year

Drivers come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, they can be tailor-made or you can choose to buy them off the rack. But with so many brands going about, what is it that you should look for? Here’s a look at the top 15 drivers that will give you distance for this year.

Callaway Epic Flash

If you have used the Epic before, then you can treat this as the Epic II which is being denoted by the Flash term here. The Callaway Epic Flash will cost you about RM2,000 each. What the driver is made from is in the process which used Artificial Intelligence designed for max speed when you hit the ball. This would surely be one of the most anticipated drivers this year especially if you are looking for one that can give you top speed.

Cleveland Launcher HB

For RM1,200 per driver, the Cleveland Launcher HB might well be one of the more value-for-money ones in this list. What you get really is a brand name known for its wedges and you will appreciate the speed with this one. You will notice that this is now a lot lighter thank to the hosel which is integrated to give you better balance. This driver makes it great for those looking for all-around performance while enjoying the speed that it can garner.

Titleist 917D2 Driver

One thing for sure, the Titleist 917D2 driver might not have the outlook that can impress anyone. It comes with a center of gravity which is deeper which means you now get better forgiveness as compared to its predecessor (the 915D2). This one now comes with the SureFit CG Adjustable Weight technology which gives you nicer direction on the hit as well as the alignment. Perfect for starters and still being used by the pros too.

Bridgestone Tour B JGR

This driver comes with Bridgestone’s new design on the face that incorporates the power mill. What it does really is that you will get lower spin rates especially when you are going for shots that are straight and long. Besides that, the internal and external channels will give you more flex during impact and at about RM1,600 per unit, it is quite worth your money. What you will like about the Bridgestone Tour B JGR is that you can some really cool options to choose from. This model is great for those in the mid to high handicap golfers.

Mizuno ST 190

The Mizuno ST190 is among the few Japanese brands in this list. It costs you RM1,600 for a stick and you might be wondering how it adds it. From Mizuno, this would be the most technologically-advanced driver from them. Once you hit the ball, you will like the fast and easy lift from the ball. And then, there is the speed which is totally unbelievable. This driver can be used by players at any level although it might be a bit too long.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver might not be the latest but it surely is among the best. This would cost you about RM1,000 which means it is among the most affordable one in this list. It can produce one of the best speeds in the market while you get very good forgiveness too. What Callaway has done with this one is that it has injected a lot of new technologies into it, giving the driver a whole new look and performance.

Ping G410 Plus

One of the more expensive drivers here, the Ping G5410 can be yours at about RM2,100. Judging from its predecessor (the G400 driver), it now comes with a bigger clubhead while you get a slightly heavier weight to it. However, they more than make it up to that by including a more aerodynamic hosel which means that you get more lift and hit. The speed gets to be faster and you will appreciate a lot more forgiveness with this one.

Cobra King F9

Slightly more expensive than the others, the Cobra King F9 is priced around RM1,800 at least. Some call it a racer because it has all the elements that make it one. You get a good start, top speed and a beautiful finish and that makes it one of the most worth your money. The new carbon outlook is so pleasing to the eyes, you’d want to sleep with it. What this Cobra gives you really is bundled technologies that you will lose count in and perfect for golfers in any level.

Srixon Z 785

At about RM2,000, the Srixon Z 785 is made for every tour professional. It is, after all, made through the input from them anyway. They have decided to use new materials to build this driver and now you get a lighter crown which then produces more speed on the ball after you hit it. The Quick Tune Adjustment and Customization System was used to adjust the loft dynamics and the weight which means you get a better balance in every swing. A great driver for beginners and mid-level handicappers.

Tour Edge Exotics EXS

At RM1,200, the Tour Edge Exotics EXS gives you a great option considering how much research and thought-process have been put into it. It is one of the more affordable drivers in the market this year and because of that, you are getting your money’s worth. The RollFace technology is just one of the names you might come across while you will like the adjustability of the hosel too. The idea behind this is to offer you the best performance that a driver should deliver and they did that with much success. If you are looking for golf speed and a better launch, then the Tour Edge Exotics EXS could well be your best option.

Wilson Staff D7

From Wilson comes the Staff D7. The price tag for this one is RM1,2000 and that would be a steal if you are looking for something really good that can give you the lift your ball needs. The lightweight design is the highlight here. It head is weighted at 192 grams which comes with a shaft designed and made to give you the lightest possible driver.


At RM2,500, the XXIO X is perhaps one of the most expensive drivers in this list. It comes with their own True-Focus Impact Technology in which you will get maximum speed and distance even for the less experienced. This is contributed via its shaft which is lightweight. During the swing, it would reduce any stress on the body which then produces the speed that you need. If you are looking for forgiveness and distance, then this driver will surely be down your alley.

Titleist TS2

The Titleist TS2 driver is priced at around RM2,000. From Titleist, this would be the most advanced driver from the premium golf brand and they took about 2 years to fine-tune the Speed Chassis built into this one. Their SureFit Hosel and other features mean that you get an all-round performance-built driver that produces one of the best speeds and sufficient forgiveness. This is why professionals like this driver.

Srixon Z 585

The Srixon Z 585 will cost you about RM1,200 per unit. This driver is designed for mid to high handicappers who is looking for some for forgiveness. The Z 585 comes with a nice-looking 460cc club shape and its own carbon crown which is totally lightweight. They have found the solution for their hosel in this one and when you hit the ball, it is difficult not to feel like you are a pro and the sound of the hit is just epic!

TaylorMade M5

The RM2,200 TaylorMade M5 is perhaps one of the more expensive drivers in this list. The whole process of producing this driver makes it all the more exciting because you get to enjoy maximum speed when you hit the ball. The face of the driver is a lot thinner than its predecessor (about 20%) which means you get better elevation too.

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