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The push cart is an essential part of what you have during a game of golf. While it might not be the most important accessory you should have, it would be necessary enough so that you need not have to go carry your bag too much (especially when you are on a walking course).

How crucial is a push cart?

The push cart is one accessory that will make your life in golf a lot easier if you are playing in courses with a lot of walking. This is one item that you might want to invest some time and money in before deciding as you want convenience, ease of use and value-for-money. While it might not be one that uses every time you go to the greens, it should have all that you need whenever you need it to be. So, let’s find out which are the best around.

Types of Carts

Generally, there are 2 types of golf push carts that you can use. The most common and most affordable ones are the non-electric ones where they usually come with foldable systems. The other type which is more convenient (and in most cases, more expensive) are the electrical ones. This type of pushcart is great and saves you a lot of energy especially when you are in a walking golf course. We present the non-electric pushcart list first.

The List – Non-Electric

  • Orlimar EZ Roll 12.0 – Basic and functional. Wide sized and good function. Plastics wheels might not be the choice of most golfers though. Folding of the cart leaves much to be desired but it serves its purpose very well.
  • Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser – Very sturdy and affordable which makes this cart very good value-for-money. Durable but does not come with a brake for parking hence you need to slant it a bit when idle. Very stable when pushed and pulled around.
  • Qwik Fold 2.0 – A user-friendly cart and convenient to use. You get adjustable straps too but might be a bit small in the console for some golfers with larger bags. Provide good access to your clubs and has adjustable straps for better convenience.
  • Caddy Tek EZ -Fold 3 – Easy to push around and looks good. Very light as compare to others but does not lock when it is being stored away. This can be quite flimsy.
  • Spin It Golf GCPro II – Looks good aesthetically and among the cheaper options. Highly functional in its own way but one downside of this bag is that you need to take the bag out if you want to fold and keep it.
  • Bag Boy Quad Plus – 4 wheels which makes it great for uphill walks. This comes with a parking brake which makes it highly preferred among the golfers. There is a smartphone holder too and great for ladies and senior golfers.
  • Alphard Golf Duo LT – Designed for walking courses, it is highly durable and reliable. A plus point to this cart is that you can change the skin (whether it is used or just for looks).
  • Sun Mountain V1 – comes with their own (patented) fold-down design which can be done without needing to remove the bag. They also put in their own smart brakes technology and comes in various nice colors for you to choose from.
  • Jef World of Golf Delux – Lightweight and simple looking. It becomes really compact when folded (which can be easily done through a 1-step motion). This cart is specially designed to save space too.
  • Clicgear CGC35 – The colored wheels are the main highlight of this bag and have an umbrella holder. You get adjustable cup holders and a mesh storage net too. A bit of everything you want in a pushcart that takes the weight off your golf bag.

The List – Electrical Push Carts

  • Bag Boy Navigator – The name itself is cool enough and this is the best if you are one of those lazy golfers. It comes with a seat if you want to rest between holes.
  • MotoCaddy S1 – Very easy to use and has a strong frame. It has something like a ‘cruise control’ but may not be suitable for slopes that are too steep
  • Bat-Caddy X3R – Lightweight and very reliable. A single charge gets you up to 8 hours and you can pre-program the settings too.
  • Bat-Caddy X4R – You get about 2 full rounds of golf in one full charge with this one which is a better version of the X3R. It comes with adjustable handle height and works really well both with or without electricity.
  • Spin It Golf Products Easy Trek – One of the more affordable ones but would be the most basic. If you want a motorized cart without being too extravagant, then the Spin It would be your perfect option. The battery is quite heavy though.
  • Powakaddy FW5 – Weighing just slightly more than 20 pounds, it is among the lightest in this category and perfect for senior and female golfers. You get a USB port to charge your phone if you need to.
  • Spitzer EL100 – A great cart to have if you like to have one that comes with varying speed. Very easy to operate with a simple interface but not very good if you make turns a lot.
  • MGI Zip Navigator – comes with its state-of-the-art gyroscope system. This ensures that the cart maintains the track on whatever surface it is on. It comes with black or white which is quite classy on its own.
  • MGI Zip X3 – The looks will be the first thing that attracts you. They have put in an odometer with this one so you can track how far you went and it is very stable too.
  • Stewart Golf X9 – This does not go very well in terms of looks and aesthetics as from one angle it looks like a lawnmower. But that is as far as it goes because it is very sturdy and durable and perhaps one of the smarter ones around

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