CycleBoard Rover – The Auto Caddie Every Golfer Needs


Golf courses cover vast lands and getting from one point to another can be quite challenging. While you have a wide range of golf carts that are designed for all types of conditions, the CycleBoard Rover would surely make everything easier.

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Scootering and biking around

It is the digital age and gadgets are taking up a big part of our everyday lives. With the CycleBoard Rover, you can now move around quickly balancing on the board. What makes it all the more interesting is that you can just drop your golf bag and hop on! It’s that simple!

How does the CycleBoard Rover work?

Basically, this is a 3-wheeled electric scooter with a mounted low-level board. They are made to give you thousands of miles which means they are extremely durable. You have a T-steering pole that lets you maneuver between the sides when you are onboard. Once you step up, it gives you the stability you need and then you can easily steer the board in the direction you please.

Designed for modern golfing

The CycleBoard comes in 4 variants, namely the Sport, Elite, Pro and Rover. The Rover is the best option for golfing as the other 3 are more suitable for the streets. The CycleBoard Rover Golf gives you about 30 miles and has a top speed of 14mph on its wheels capable of carrying up to 250 lbs. anyone from 5 to 6’8 feet should be able to use this quite comfortably.  Among the tech that they have put into this mini-vehicle include full speed control, automatic parking brake and smooth acceleration. The Rover Golf is as the name implies, made specifically for golfing as it is able to take on slopes and uneven grounds.

Besides that, its aluminum body is sturdy and strong. You get a backlit LCD display that tells you how much battery life you have left as well as your speed. When needed, this gadget climbs to an incline of 40 degrees. It comes with a foldable design where you can collapse it and store it away. As such, you can easily bring it with you as it fits nicely in the trunks of most SUVs that golfers drive.

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