Popular Golf Brands – The Top Golf Brands in Malaysia you should know


Titleist – One of the most renowned brands in the game. Titleist is more popular for its golf equipment but it produces its own line of clothing and caps as well. Jackets, polo t-shirts and pants are among those that Titleist is popular for.

Taylor MadeThis brand comes out on top in most searches. Taylor Made has been making golf attire since it was established. Its caps are worn by top golfers in major tournaments while Taylor Made’s clubs like its M2 irons and such are widely popular too.

Ping – Among the top 3 golfing brands, Ping supplies all types of golfing equipment and clothing lines. It has tops and bottoms for both men and women while Ping delivers shoes for all levels of golfers as well.

Ben Hogan – This brand is commonly regarded to be one of the classic names in this game. With a full range of golf clubs and such, Ben Hogan’s shoes and attire are among the most notable in any tournament.

Tour Edge – This brand is very much known for producing top-class clubs and irons. It is not as popular when it comes to clothing line and attire as other players like Taylor Made and Ping.

Callaway – Most would have seen the Callaway brand across many top golfers’ caps and polo t-shirts. Callaway’s irons and drivers are common mainstays in this game but its attire can be seen in most of the golfer’s community.

Mizuno – A top Japanese golf brand preferred by a lot of golfers worldwide. It is one of the most popular Japanese golf brands around. Mizuno’s putters, drivers and irons are constantly top in its classes while its clothing line can be seen worn by golfers across the world.

Honma – A Japanese brand is known to design revolutionary equipment for golfers. It might not stand with the rest of the golfing brands like Callaway or Nike Golf but Honma has its own loyal following who wears its polo t-shirts, shirts, bottoms as well as its clubs.

Wilson – This is a popular brand among golfers. Wilson’s irons, drivers and wedges are constantly in the limelight as they have been used to win tournaments and competitions while its range of caps, clothes and shoes are very popular as well.

Bridgestone – This is a brand that is popular in the golfing community. It is the same company that makes world-class tires as the company is involved in the rubber and polymer industries. Bridgestone makes some of the best clubs and clothing as well.

ClevelandA brand focused in the golfing game, Cleveland’s golf clubs are constantly rated at the top. Meanwhile, it has a full range of clothing and attire for men and women golfers.

Katana – A Japanese golf brand that is popular for its top-class drivers. Katana’s clothing line is not as famous as the likes of Nike or Mizuno but it has its own following who likes its unique fashion sense.

XXIO – This Japanese golfing brand makes some of the best golf clubs while offering a broad range of golfing attire as well.

Srixon – Srixon’s clubs and irons are among the most popular in its respective categories. Apart from that, its clothing line, golf shoes and bags are quite popular among its loyalists.

Maruman – This brand has been known to make some of the best drivers in this category. It is one of the top Japanese golf brands in the market where it has been known for designing some very revolutionary equipment, sometimes the first of its kind.

Cobra – This is a very popular brand that supplies clothing lines for men and women golfers. Their range of drivers, irons and clubs is very popular and is used competitively in top tournaments in the circuit.

Golf Attire Brands

Adidas – This is yet another sports brand involved in the game. Adidas’ range of apparel is worn by top golfers around the world with trendy clothes and shoes. Its caps are among the most stylish while Adidas has been known to produce some very good clubs and bags too.

Footjoy – This is one golf brand that is hugely popular for its shoes. It produces a wide range of clothing for the game that includes tops, bottoms and accessories. Footjoy is not very involved in clubs and drivers but it has one of the largest following in its apparel line.

Nike Golf – Perhaps one of the top names from the sporting fraternity. Nike Golf sponsors a lot of top golfers including Tiger Woods and is known to produce some of the best equipment, clothes and shoes.

Puma Golf – Another major player in the golfing arena for sporting brands, Puma Golf produces clothing lines, shoes and caps for both men and women. Besides that, Puma Golf offers a lot of accessories like shades, gloves and socks apart from the clubs and golf bags.

Ashworth – One of the most common brands seen in the golfing circuit, Ashworth’s range of clothing exudes lifestyle, trend and comfort. Its caps, polo t-shirts and pants are seen in almost every major tournament while its shoes are very fashionable, functional and popular too.

Under Armour – This is one of the recent additions to the golf apparel market, it has a full range of attire for the golfer. Under Armour is currently one of the top sporting brands in the US and is fast making its mark in this sport as well.

ECCO – Often overshadowed by the other more popular brands, ECCO makes some of the best and most comfortable golfing shoes.

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