Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten Irons – A robust and reliable club to boost your game


Tour Edge golf clubs have been used by golfers at every level and have been used to win some of the major tours in the sport. Their Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten Irons is proof of how far they have come in delivering the best in golf with cutting-edge technology and a revolutionary design.

A great looking club

Feel The sound of it, utter classic. The tungsten weighting has that nice feel upon impact. You don’t feel any imperfection with this one with a sturdy feel to it. When it comes to looks, Tour Edge stands strong among the other top golf brands.

Look: All in all, the Exotics CB Pro is quite unique. You take a look at it and you feel how good-looking it is. In some way, it looks like a blade which is being inflated.

Strong and sturdy irons of its class

Price: RM3,200 for steel and RM3,600 for graphite

Key Technologies: the CB Pro is made with tungsten in the sole which comes with every head. This gives the hit a lot more impact, optimizing its flight and gets you a more balanced weight.

Playability: You will not expect anything less from Tour Edge after a series of really successful releases. The wide head gives the ball a good hit and you actually feel it as you swing the club away. It is among the best for bunkers with excellent manoeuvrability.

Forgiveness: If you make thin shots with this one, it is quite perfect. Once you set it, you can let it go. Even if you have a relatively bad swing, it still keeps the composure.

Distance Control: You get quite good consistency with this. Somehow, it feels like you are using a hybrid and it epitomizes perfection when you hit the ball in the centre.

Cons: You might not like the thick head that comes with this one but once you get used to it, the quality of the whack surpasses every downside you might feel. Another setback is that it is less forgiving than many in its class.

Summary: If you are want to improve your game, then this irons is for you. Takes a while to get used to but its stability will have you brimming with satisfaction after playing.

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