Golfing in Malaysia

Golfing in Putrajaya


The Federal Territory of Putrajaya is the administrative centre of Malaysia. Here is where you will find some of the most beautifully designed structures in the country housed by the numerous ministries of the country. Putrajaya is where most of the governmental departments, agencies and ministries operate which mean that most of the official events, activities and meetings are usually held here.

Putrajaya is built atop a vast piece of land where you will find some of the most  technologically advanced and state-of-the-art buildings of Malaysia. It is very big and usually attracts tourists and foreigners here for photography or for a visit. Here is where you will also find some of the most beautiful man made lakes, gardens, parks and such as well. As it welcomed guests each day, there are some very good choices when it comes to golf where you can enjoy your game without the distractions of the city centre.

Golfing in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

As Putrajaya is not a state by itself, if you are visiting the Federal Territory, you could take some time off to tee off at the Bukit Unggul Country Club which is located not far from here. Here is where you will find one of the most ideal places to play your game which is designed with valleys and hills. The course was built with a reputation which preserves the natural surroundings here. In Putrajaya itself, you can enjoy your game at the Palm Garden Golf Course where it offers a 9 hole Bermuda grass greens. This is where you will be able to enjoy your game at the resort while your family members can enjoy its other facilities.

If you have time to head out further, you can go to the Bangi Golf Resort which is about 15 minutes drive away from Putrajaya. Here you will be welcomed with a 27 hole golf course which is designed by Ronald Fream, who has previously designed some of the most beautiful courses in Malaysia and around the world. There are many other facilities in this resort where you can also stay at the residential bungalows around the greens for a fun time out with the family.