Crucial to maintain the spine angle in your golf swing


Your spine plays an extremely important role in golf because you need to have a good posture and a well-balanced one when you set up your stance.

Get into a disciplined move

As you are making your pre-shot routine, setting up involves getting into a good spine angle but it does not stop there. In fact, you need to maintain your spine angle for the entire duration of the wing. This is very important and must be observed. A lot of beginners give up the game because they cannot maintain the spine, thinking that they cannot master the game. This mistake is often committed by some pro golfers too.

Getting this move the right way

A lot of golfers spend years getting their stance and equipment right but failed because they cannot maintain their spine angle. Most of them have the tendency to raise their spines, especially during the downswing. This is natural because it occurs when you try to lift the ball up but when that happens, the shot becomes poorly executed. What you want to achieve is to hit the ball down properly and this can only be done when you maintain your spine angle. To get this right, you need a good posture and proper body rotation and balance.

  • First, grip the club with a shoulder-width stance where you want to have your back flat and relaxed.
  • Then, flex your knees a little and then let your hips move you forward. At the same time, you want to push your rear end towards the back.
  • Ensure that your shoulders are not rounded and keep that posture. This is the spine angle you want to have.
  • On both feet, have your weight distributed equally and your weight should not be on the heels or the toes but on the balls of your feet.
  • Allowing your hips to rotate, now swing the club back with your shoulders.
  • As you do this, you want to rotate your left shoulder down towards your chin. Once your left shoulder is under your chin, stop the backswing.
  • When you are swinging the club back, you need to maintain the flex on your knees and your weight is still resting on your feet.
  • Start your downswing now by turning your hips towards the target.
  • Now, as you are reaching the contact point, let your right shoulder turn towards the area right beneath your chin.
  • Rotate your shoulders and your hips to face the target and at this point, your right shoulder be slightly lower than your left.


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