The golf grip is as important as the club head – Get it right before even thinking about hitting!


Which part of the golf club is the most important to you? There is a high chance that you will say it is the clubhead because that’s where you get the speed you want, without needing to think twice! There is not a single sense of doubt that the clubhead is extremely important because it determines all the factors of the hit. But what comes through in terms of energy is really from the grip. So, the golf grip really is actually as important as the clubhead. We tell you why.

How important is the grip?

Let’s get one thing straight! The grip is the part of the club where you use your palms to hold on to. This determines that you get a good hit when you swing. The posture is important, but the grip must be good and firm so that your stroke gets the execution you planned out to make. The positioning of the grip is what makes you push out a good control. When you have a good grip, you get a more fluid movement in your wrists. That will directly affect the strength of the hit which in turn will affect the trajectory and distance of the ball after the point of contact.

How does a good grip works?

You have to position yourself in front of the ball. Your arms and hands must be relaxed. This will let you get better motion and fluidity in the hit. What you want here is good movability when you swing. What you want is to get a strong stroke when you hit it. If you have too little pressure on the fingers, that will not happen. Even if it does, it will not have the precision you are looking for.

Finding the best grip

You need to let your arms relax in a vertical manner. This is when your hands are in the most natural position. Focus on the pressure of the grip. It is very important to do this because it let you move a typical 300gm club easily. There’s more. You actually get more precision and strength too. Ensure that you are using the right stance which refers to the position you are in during the execution of the stroke.

Tips on finding the best grip

What is the best way to find the perfect grip for you? Make no mistake about it! You might not get it right the first time. In fact, there will be quite a lot of trial and error involved too. You literally need to be there to grip it to know it! Only buy grips online if you have no choice. Otherwise, head out to the store and try them out.

  • Try as many grips as possible. Get the store assistance to help you find the best one. If it does not feel good, it will not hit well!
  • If you have no choice to try out the grip, then measure your hands (the palms as well). Look for grips that are correlated to the measurements.
  • When gripping the club, determine how secure it feels.
  • Take note of the top hand. If you are a right-hander, the top hand should be your left. This is the ANCHOR that will support your grip on the club.
  • Next, focus on the fingers. Your fingers on the top hand must be strong and firm. The grip should provide enough room for that.
  • Then the bottom hand. That is the one that will determine the strength of the swing and the flexibility that comes with it. When you have both the grips on the club, it should feel natural.
  • That is the part where you look for an integration between the two. Make sure that it feels right. When you feel that you might lose a grip on the club at any point, or when any part of your palm is not in contact with the club, then this grip does not work for you.
  • After you got that, then you start examining your posture before taking an invisible swing.

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