Keeping your eye on the ball when you hit is NOT the correct way!


There is always this theory in golf that you should get your techniques right in order to play the game right. One of the fundamental techniques that you might have learned in your first lessons was to ‘keep your eye on the ball’ before you hit it.

Improving your way forward

Keeping your eye on the ball is one of the most basic and important rules that you might have learned. While it is still valid, you might find that it is not mandatory if you are to improve your swing. Not moving your sight from the ball is a good thing in the context of setting up for the swing. After that, you need to move away and you should instead:

Keep your eye on 1 INCH before the ball and then follow through! Just make sure your shoulder is on plane and only move your head when your right shoulder pushes your head through.

What is the rationale for this?

A lot of golfers (especially amateur or new players) tend to overemphasize keeping your eye on the ball. This would inadvertently cause you to make a poor swing. Bear in mind that your vision is your strongest sense and it influences your other body movements. When you are too set on keeping your sight on the ball, you tend to:

  • Limit your body’s movement – This means your torso rotation becomes too rigid. Focusing on the ball means you tend to be too stiff and you get into a position where a powerful forward swing is not possible.
  • Create unnecessary body motions – When your sight is on the ball, your body muscles will react to your sight. This means the muscles on your wrist, shoulders and arms will create a sequence of motions to align with your vision.

Where should you look then?

You should start with keeping your eye on the ball before you take your stance. This should be in your pre-shot routine each time. Then, as you are in position, move your vision to about an inch before the ball’s location. As you are to take your swing, take a quick glance at the target (distance or height) and move your vision back to the inch before the ball. You are then ready to take the shot!


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