Mental Tips To Improve Your Golf – Get into the right frame of mind!


Don’t think about techniques
When you are too focused on a certain technique that you probably read or watched, you forget other important factors like your hip turns and shoulder axis.

Be patient

In whatever game you are playing, it is difficult to get it right if you are rushing. There can never be any overnight success. When things are not going your way, be patient. The more you want it, the harder they come. Relax and be patient. Stay in the here and now.

Pre-shot routine
Get all your thoughts collected and go through the same routine each time. When you have a pre-shot routine that is consistent, you will have the right frame of mind.

Focus on what you are physically doing
Be consistent mentally before you get to the ball. If you are thinking of something different then you will lose focus on what you should be doing.

Practice under pressure
Create a target or statistics for yourself when you are practicing. Try to achieve them and get closer to the targets. Make your practice sessions more demanding as you improve.

Visualize the shot and visualization of success
If you can’t imagine the success, how will get attain it?

Positive affirmations
Psyche yourself up with positive energy and intentions and feel positive about yourself. Remind yourself who good a putter you are or how good you are with your swing.

Build a confidence wall

This will always give your positive results. Golfers tend not to congratulate themselves when we have a good shot but when we have a bad shot, we put ourselves down. This won’t work in the long run. When you have a confidence wall, it builds your confidence that you won’t be taken down even when you have a few bad days.

Lower your expectations
Golfers with high expectations put too much pressure on themselves. Set a point that is relevant to your level and work from there. This is most common among amateur golfers who often forget that they are learning and there is still a lot to pick up.

Stay in the here and now
Stop recalling how bad was your last game. This will only lead your mind to go haywire.

Never rush
A lot of times, you will get pressured because other people are waiting. There is no point hitting if you are not ready.

The perfect swing image
Imagine a perfect image of how you are taking the swing. Use that picture to remind your brain what you want to do and try to achieve it.

If distracted (or disturbed) don’t continue
This could be due to noise or chattering. If there are too many factors affecting you, don’t take the shot.

If you have no confidence in 1 hole, then change it
While you cannot physically change the hole, use your mental imagination. Recall you are playing a good hole to get through a bad hole.

Reset your thoughts
This is to get you thinking of good and happy thoughts. It can be a person, a celebrity or a hobby. It works when your thoughts are all over the place and helps you to focus.

Copy your heroes
It helps to think about your golf idols and how they will play a hole.

Anchor positive feelings
Have a positive feeling that you can anchor on and build your thoughts from there. Remember a  time when you excelled where you played a great round, hole-in-one, etc. Use that as your anchor.

Get some perspective
There will always be good and bad days. You just have to accept them.

Fill the round with interesting thoughts
When you play golf, it is usually going to be a long day. Keep yourself entertained with interesting thoughts and fill it up with interesting ideas to get through them.

You can play par on every hole
It’s a thought. There are holes that always bring you down even if you play in the same course for years. This thinking helps.

Get into the zone
Physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically. You don’t want to be substandard if you are not feeling in the zone. You only need to be at the right level. Not over and not under.

Love it or leave it
If there is a club that you do not trust, don’t use it. Leave it out of your game.

Focus on your breathing. Some players are so uptight, they hold their breath during a shot. Some hyperventilate. Maintain your breathing pace.

Commit to the shot
When you are going to take a shot, commit to it 100%. The club you use, the stance you apple, the swing you take and everything else. It might not be perfect but it is what you make it out to be.

It is not a problem but a challenge
You can turn every different shot into a challenge or something you look forward to. Then you will play a lot better.

Have fun and enjoy yourself
There is no debate about how fun this game can be. Are you having fun? If you are not, then change your attitude. If you are still not having fun, perhaps you should consider changing the game altogether.

Be happy
Before you shot. There’s a good chance you will be happy after you hit it. Or not. Either way, you need to be happy with your game or you won’t be heading to the next.

Imaginary rounds
Before going to play, run it through your head and see where it gets you.

Be superstitious
Certain things that you practice could be deemed superstitious but it gets you into the right frame of mind. This will keep you ready mentally like wearing your lucky gloves, stepping on with your right foot first and others.


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