The best way to cure a slice


Getting the perfect shot in golf is everyone’s dream but even the best golfers sometimes make mistakes too. One of the most common problems when striking the ball is when you get a slice.

Committing unexpected errors

A slice happens and this not only occurs to beginners but also for the more experienced golfers at times. As you set up your stance to hit the ball towards the target, you are confident that it will get the flight that you want the ball to go. Instead, as you hit the ball, it took a curve and head towards the right. This occurs because instead of following the ball through the straight, the clubface across it, causing it to have a ‘slicing’ effect. There is no reason to panic yet as small adjustments will solve this issue.

Steps to get rid of the mistake

Curing your slice is very simple and all you need to do is to get your stance right. Carry out the usual pre-routine setup and then:

  • Stand with your feet and your shoulder apart at the same distance. Line up your shoulders with your target and ensure that the instep of your front foot is aligned with the ball.
  • Then, line up your clubface with the ball.
  • Bend until your torso is about 90-degrees to your club shaft and have your hands relaxed a little. Try not to grip the club too tight.
  • Now, you want to get into a backswing. You want to visualize yourself being a puppet with strings attached to the top of the backswing here.
  • When you start swinging back to the ball, push the focus towards the ground. This will ensure that your club is kept square to the ball.
  • Focus on an imaginary target about 3 inches in front of the ball as you swing down.
  • Ensure that the clubhead follows through as you strike the ball. This is crucial because it ensures that the clubhead fully hits the ball and into a straight line.

Fine-tune the steps above by practicing as many times as you can. Use a tee and place it about 3 inches above the ball, try to hit the ball to knock on the tee.



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