What are your options with your thumb in your grip


The golf grip is the fundamental step that you need to be mindful to get a good swing. One of the major focuses is your thumb. The position of your palm to the center of the club will determine if your grip is strong or weak. Hence, placing your left thumb will vary here. Generally, you can either use a short or long thumb grip.

Choosing between the different thumb grips

You basically choose between using the Long Left Thumb or Short Left Thumb grips. There are 2 main features involved in the long left thumb. This is where the thumb is further down the grip which is where it got its name. here, the knuckles lay nearly flat, following the grip’s line. It will direct your hand into an all-fingers grip. You will get a full wrist hinge with this grip. As such, you get a larger swing amplitude that gives you greater clubhead speed when you hit. If you are looking for more speed in your swing, this will work for you.

On the other hand, there is the short left thumb grip. Your left thumb is extended lower down the grip. Your thumb will extend only slightly past the other fingers. The knuckles meanwhile are diagonally lined up. When your left thumb is kept from extending down the grip, you lose space for your left hand. Hence, it becomes a palm-and-finger grip and is usually uncomfortable. The club’s shaft might not be parallel to the ground and hence you get a shorter swing.

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