Your buttocks or Gluteus Maximus is extremely important in your golf swing


The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus. Known also as the buttocks, having strong glutes is extremely vital to get a good golf swing. Like every muscle in the body, if you do not use them enough, they can weaken. This is common especially among those who sit for long hours each day, causing their gluteus maximus to be inactive and underused.

Why is it important in golf?

The gluteus maximus muscle has a crucial role to play in improving your performance in golf. Basically, it helps you to:

Stabilize the hips and pelvis areas which is most important in your backswing. This is where you need stability so that any excessive lower body movement can be reduced.

During the backswing, the upper body and shoulders would rotate but your pelvis must maintain its posture so that the hip can get the internal rotation. With that, you get better elasticity in your backswing which will get you the speed onto the club.

Maintaining your posture

Glute strength will essentially help you to hinge at the hips so that you can maintain this position when you rotate during the swing. As such, you have the space and time to generate power from your legs and get some consistency as you strike the ball. Here, use the ground as your power source to get the speed in your swing. To transfer the force from the ground comes mostly from the legs which is an extension of your hips (and more notably your glutes). That will then be moved onto the trunk and then the club before it gets onto the ball.

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