Flicking your wrist


You might have heard the need to minimize any excessive wrist action when you take a golf swing. The common notion is that if your wrists are not stable enough, the hit will be affected. Here, you must know that it is very crucial to know that your wrist is essentially one of the most important parts of that process. When you get the wrists to accommodate your swing, you tend to get a stronger hit which will result in a better ball compression, speed and distance.

Getting the right motion

Your wrists play a role to ensure that you generate speed to the clubhead. It helps to square the clubface so that you get the strike that you desired. A good swing typically is where the wrists flick(supination) the club when hitting the ball. With the right formula, you will be able to give the hit the impact it deserves. In fact, it can get you to hit the ball in the right direction and towards the place that you want it to go.

Theoretically, when the clubhead reaches the ball, you will need to bend your right wrist backward and then allow your left wrist to be bowed. This actually helps to give you better impact and hence a stronger hit. Golfers practice this by swinging the club with their wrists around the impact zone and then involving the body during the process.

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