Your elbow during the golf swing


Having your elbow in the right person will give your swing the power it needs. Often, golfers use the Flying Elbow which is where the trailing elbow leaves the side that is trailing during the backswing. It is a common action that golfers use where some deem it as a mistake although you can always correct it.

Getting your elbow in the correct position

The flying elbow will affect the golf swing’s efficiency in many ways. When your trailing elbow leaves the trailing side, it can cause inconsistencies in the sequencing of the swing. This is because when the club reaches the top of the backswing, it can deviate from the trailing side. The elbow should point to the ground around the top part of the backswing. That will then have your arm be in the position that supports the club thereby giving you more leverage and power before hitting the ball towards the desired direction.

Even the most professional golfer could end up with a flying elbow but they are able to return their arms to the right spot during the downswing so that the club is stable enough. In most cases, this is caused by the physical limitations of the golfer most notably among those with shoulder joint issues. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a free and mobile shoulder which can only be possible through exercise. With a stiff shoulder, it would be impossible not to end up with a flying elbow.

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