Samsung Z-Fold 2 – The Top End, Flashy Smartphone for 2021


Remember those clamshell phones when they took the world by storm? Motorola was leading the market with their StarTac and MicroTac phones then. With smartphones taking over, flip or clamshells have taken the back seat with several models coming out but not getting that much success.

Exciting but not efficient

The earlier models that came out excited the users but many did not achieve the success that they expected. Not until Samsung’s Z-Fold 2 appeared. This has been one of the most anticipated phones in recent years and this time, Samsung ticked all the right boxes for sure. After several tries, the Z-Fold 2 could possibly be the best foldable phone ever seen in recent years.

What did we like?

The most notable thing about the Samsung Z-Fold 2 is its cover display. It has that whole modern face that looks really good but is packed with some of the best techs you can find today. A lot of the previous flip phones had to compromise in display size but this one does not. It has the Flex Mode that gives you more screen space. If you have seen the first generation of the Fold, you will appreciate this a lot more. It is not just a smartphone but a phone-tablet hybrid. This means that when it is folded, it is like a normal (fast powered) smartphone. But when you unfold it, the phone becomes a tablet.

This phone is designed for multitasking and you should not have any problems running 3 apps without any lags. It is powered up by a 4,500mAh dual-battery pack which is managed by its AI system.

What you might not like?

This is a 5G phone and it is the most expensive consumer smartphone by Samsung at the moment. Naturally so as they have packed in all their best techs into this except their zoom function which is slightly inferior to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (2x here versus the 10x). The Z-Fold 2 does not come with the S Pen (which they reportedly want to include in the Z-Fold 3). If the price tag does not deter you, the weight might as it is 9.9 ounces.

Another drawback to this is that while it has a dual-battery pack, it still does not last as long as you would like it to. 1 full charge should get you 1 full day of mid to heavy usage.

What is our verdict?

This is one phone that will turn heads for sure. The price tag might be a bit on the high side but that is what you get with high-end phones these days what more with a  sleek and flip design which no other phones in the market can do. This is the phone for 2021 if you want to be seen, be connected and be current.

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