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Many English Language radio stations have surfaced in Malaysia, targeting listeners from all walks of live particularly in the urban areas. One of the recent additions to this sector is Fly FM which has become one of the leading English Language channels since it started airing.

Background of Fly FM

Fly FM first starting airing in October 2005 and has since been able to garner a large listener base. It shares the same operating company with other stations like One, Hot and Kool FM.

Facts about Fly FM

Among the important facts about Fly FM are:

  1. Frequency: 95.8FM in the Klang Valley and varies in other parts
  2. Coverage: Mostly around West Malaysia as well as into Singapore
  3. Slogan: Malaysia’ Hottest Music – Which means the station plays mostly contemporary and current hits
  4. Language: English Language and Bahasa Malaysia

Listener Base

The main target listeners of Fly FM are those between 15 and 30 years of age. It has been the fastest growing radio station in Malaysia and currently is the second most popular. Owned and operated by one of the country’s largest media group, Media Prima Berhad, Fly FM is tuned in by thousands of listeners each day.
When Fly FM started, it was the first radio station to be aired from an airport in the world. It has now moved its operations to the Klang Valley. Among its early successes include the ’50 minutes of non-stop music’ which was very popular among the listeners.

Prominent facts about Fly FM

One of the highlights of Fly FM is in its DJs. The station was launched by Jason Cottam and Saufian Mokhtar, more fondly known as Fly Guy. Among the DJs that hav helmed the programmes in Fly FM that has a lot of following include:

  1. Fly Guy himself
  2. Phat Fabes
  3. Ben
  4. Nadia
  5. Hafiz and Prem
  6. Guibo

Programme Slots in Fly FM

Fly FM’s programmes are very successful, garnering thousands of listeners across the nation each day. The morning and evening slots are the one with the highest listeners. Its programme line up include:

on Weekdays

  1. 6 to 10 am – Hafiz and Guibo
  2. 10 to 4pm – 10-4 with Maggy
  3. 4 to 8pm – Ivan
  4. 8pm to midnight – Ili

on Saturdays

  1. 12pm to 4pm: Malaysia’s Hottest Music
  2. 4pm-8pm: American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest
  3. 8pm-12am: NovaNation

on Sundays

  1. 12am-1am: Fly Five-O with Simon Lee & Alvin
  2. 12pm-3pm: Fly 30 Weekly Wrap Up Show (Ivan)
  3. 3pm-7pm: Malaysia’s Hottest Music
  4. 7pm-8pm: Acoustic Addiction
  5. 8pm-12am: American Top 40 (Repeat) (Ryan Seacrest)

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