Live Summer Your Way with HUGO BOSS


Summer isn’t just about the climate

Summer isn’t just about the climate. It’s not even how you wear summer fashions. It’s about how you live in a summer state of mind. With a dash of HUGO BOSS, your summers will never be the same again.

For non-conformist urban men and women who thrive on challenging the rules, HUGO brings you the Destination Summer campaign. With the reintroduction of the beloved fragrances HUGO Man and HUGO Woman, edgy urbanites can start planning their dream summer vacation equipped with this summer’s must-have urban travel essentials.

HUGO Man The Fragrance

HUGO Man reflects the personality of the next generation male, today’s non-conformist “Freethinker”. For the HUGO man, life is an adventure full of opportunities and challenges for him to meet head-on, in his own, confident and inimitable way.

HUGO Woman The Fragrance

HUGO Woman complements HUGO Man just like two halves of a whole. The woman who wears this fragrance lives life on her own terms. She too thrives on new experiences and breaking out from society’s mould. HUGO Woman is her fragrance and she lives life by her rules.

Summer BOSS Style

For the sophisticated and always classic fashion icon, BOSS invites you to live Summer BOSS Style. This summer, look no further for your style icons. BOSS Selection and femme by BOSS are this summer’s unmistakable style icons. The dashing sophisticated leader and the glamourous epitome of femininity come together to bring you an irresistible summer sensation, BOSS Style.

BOSS Selection The Fragrance

BOSS Selection encapsulates the smell of success, sophistication and elegance.
It’s aspirational and modern. It’s about the modern man who wants to leave a mark, a legacy. His scent is a metaphor for what he wants to achieve, not so much in material success, but in how to live comfortably within his own skin, how to take pride in who he is and what he does.

femme by BOSS The Fragrance

femme by BOSS reflects the aura of a modern woman in all her facets. She is simply unmistakable. Combining charisma and discreet charm, she’s refreshingly modest yet radiates a palpable warmth. She effortlessly expresses herself in a sophisticated, sexy, feminine and independent way.

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