2201 Fashion Avenue @ Mid Valley Gardens


It’s the Spring/Summer season and designers are clamouring for the opportunity to flaunt their new collections.

Ensconced deep in the recesses of The Gardens, Mid Valley lies a fashionista’s Aladdin’s cave. Abirami Durai heads to 2201 to see for herself the dazzling treasures strewn across the cave.

It’s the Spring/Summer season and designers are clamouring for the opportunity to flaunt their new collections. At 2201, which features the fashion brainchild’s of over 22 local designers, the frenzy hit feverish levels. So much so that a marvellous fashion show was structured and organised, with the singular aim of showcasing the collective designers takes on this season’s must-have fashion statements.

2201 was a distinct project undertaken by The Gardens to showcase the talents of aspiring designers. Besides providing the requisite retail space, the designers are also tutored in the full range of skills required to initiate their own business, such as warehousing, inventory and sourcing for material.

Designers housed under the outlet include Villiam Ooi, Venie Tee, Daniel Chong, Bonz, Winnie Liew, Noor Arfa, Von Jolly Couture, Mira Zarna, Karl Ng, Amanda Brown Couture, Terrenz, Scott Chu, Sorted, Tsen, Gallo, ThirtyFour, Jonathan Cheng, Khoon Hooi, Donna c, Lester Wong, Nazleen Noor, William Liew, Theodore and Doreen Tan.

Spectacular Fashion Show

The 2201 fashion show was presaged by a cocktail reception where socialites, designers, models and members of the media enjoyed lively tête-à-têtes and heated discussions on fashion must-haves.

At approximately 8.30pm the fashion event really got started when a barrage of models appeared from a makeshift runway, which basically spanned the length of the shop lot. Emcee Xandria Ooi presided over the event and announced the designers as the models strutted their stuff. The only problem was, the music playing in the background was blasted at an unnecessarily loud level, hence rendering it impossible to make out what the announcer was saying.

In any case, some of the designers’ works really popped out. Daniel Chong’s sizzling gold dresses, which featured a visual feast of gold sequins, really made an impression as did Karl Ong’s raunchy leopard print collection which came replete with matching bags. Doreen Tan’s beautiful Impressionist-inspired accessories in various colours and tones were also a wonderful sight to behold.

Spring/Summer Collection with Bright and Bold Colours

The focus of this season seems to place emphasis on bright colours and bold statements. As summer is typically associated with fewer layers and more shades, the designers have chosen to honour the season with a profusion of hues and an avalanche of glamorous, chic outfits.

Gabby Tan, Head of Marketing of The Gardens was awed by the outlet’s designs and said “We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase the Spring/Summer collection of the designers at 2201 as it has been a great first six months and we hope that the new collections will be an even bigger hit with our shoppers.”

If the fashion show was anything to go by, then shoppers in The Gardens are certainly in for a treat. But don’t take my word for it, head there yourself and you’ll find that you’ll be completely spoilt for choice.

2201 Fashion Avenue is located at Level 2, The Gardens, Mid Valley City.

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