Radio Stations in Malaysia


Decades ago, radio has always been an effective medium to transmit messages across to audience through the air via electrical waves. Today, with more electronic media emerging in the market including television and Internet, radio has slowly begun to lose out.

Even though radio is losing out to other medium, it still has its own group of loyal listeners. In Malaysia, there are over 50 radio stations catered for Malay, Chinese, Indians and also other ethnic groups. Malaysian radio stations are owned mainly by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and privately owned conglomerates.

Among some of the national frequencies owned by RTM group are Ai FM, Asyik FM, Klasik Nasional FM, Minnal FM, Muzik FM and TRaXX FM. Ai FM is a pure Chinese radio station using several dialects including Hokkien, Mandarin and also Cantonese while Asyik, Klasik Nasional and Muzik FM are Malay stations, Minnal FM is an Indian station and finally TRaXX FM is a pure English station.

Besides that, RTM also owns state-wide regional frequencies in all the states including Johor FM, KL FM, Perak FM, Melaka FM, Selangor  FM, Sarawak FM and plenty more to cater the needs of citizens in different states.

On the other hand, a private company, AMP Radio Networks a subsidiary of Astro owns several best variety radio stations such as, Era, Mix FM, Lite FM, THR, My FM and Sinar. My FM is the number one Chinese radio station nationwide with the most listeners for more than three consecutive years while Hitz is Malaysia’s leading English-Language radio station to cater the needs of young listeners.

Besides that, Lite FM under AMP Networks is specially catered for those who appreciate easy listening 80s songs while Mix FM is dedicated to modern listeners under the age of 40. AMP Network considers listeners choice before making such decision to create different radio station for different genre of listeners.

Even Bernama News Agency also owned a 24-hour news radio station 24. One of nation’s largest conglomerates that own News Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad also owned Media Prima Group. Fly FM, Hot FM and One FM are wholly owned by Media Prima.

Other stations in Malaysia including Redi 988, Red FM and Suria FM owned by The Star Publications and privately owned stations such as IKIM fm, Cats FM, Capital FM, Manis FM, Putra FM and plenty more.

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