THR is the acronym for Time Highway Radio where it once one of the top radio stations in Malaysia. Today, THR is an Indian language radio station which is aired across the country. THR was actually the first private commercial radio station which was then based in Kuala Lumpur.In 2005, Astro Radio bought over the station to add to its current list of top radio stations like Mix FM, Lite FM and Melody FM. From a station that provided mainly provided radio entertainment in English Language and Bahasa Malaysia, THR has since been rebranded where it offers Tamil language music and Malay programming mainly in the East Coast.

Before the acquisition by Astro Radio, THRwas owned by TIME Engineering where the station’s target was for listeners on the road around the country. Time Highway Radio in Klang Valley was played over 99.3 MHz and changed the radio listening industry tremendously. When THR was launched, the airwaves were mainly controlled by RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia).

After THR, a string of other independent and privately owned stations began to emerge. Today, THR is operated via THR Raaga and THR Gegar. For the former, THR is aired in Tamil language while Gegar is the station that airs its programme mainly in the east coast of Malaysia which goes by its slogan ‘Permata Pantai Timur’. 99.3 MHz remains the primary frequency which is heard in the Klang Valley and Pahang while listeners in other states tune in at varying frequencies. Meanwhile, THR Gegar is aired over most towns in the East Coast like Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu and Kota Bahru.

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