MICCI Southern Golf Open and Members’ Dinner for the Business Community


The MICCI Southern Branch recently organized the 18th edition of the MICCI Southern Golf Open and Members’ Dinner.

Date: 6th October 2022, ThursdayTime: 11.00 am – 9.30 pm (12.45 pm shot-gun tee-off)Venue: The Palm Resort Golf & Country Club, Johor

A strong voice in the industry

The MICCI or Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a major player in the commerce and industry sector.

It remains one of the oldest chambers around, tracing back to its roots with the Penang Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture back in 1837. It would then merge with the Perak Chamber of Commerce and Selangor Chamber of Commerce later.

In 1974, the Chamber became a company limited by guarantee and then became the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry until the present day.

The MICCI is an organization that helps its members in developing their businesses in Malaysia successfully. In doing this, MICCI works with state and federal governments to build a framework that works and benefits all parties concerned.

As such, it is common that major businesses are part of the MICCI like Sime Darby, Shell and Standard Chartered, among others.

Initiatives to build a network

There are several branches that makeup MICCI namely the Central, Northern (Penang), Perak, Southern (Johor) and Sabah branches respectively.

The Southern branch organized the 18th MICCI Southern Golf Open & Members’ Dinner 2022 on 6 October 2022.

This is always one event that the business community down south would look forward to each year. Held at The Palm Resort Golf and Country Club in Johor, tee off started at 12.45 pm and will go on until dinner time.

Often regarded as one of the premier golf events in the community, it brings together members and non-members of the MICCI for a competitive game of golf. As such tournaments are usually made up of senior management and decision-makers, they provide a good platform for business developers to network and meet with each other to build relationships.

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