Galven Kendall Green – Promising Malaysian golfer where winning is second nature to him


Galven Kendall Green is the brother of one of Malaysia’s top pro golfers, Gavin Green. Born in Melaka, he is set to be on his way to becoming as good as his brother having in 2006 became the first Malaysian to win the Callaway Junior World Golf Championship.

Setting his sights far in golf

He is among the many Malaysian golfers plying their trade in the USA at the University of New Mexico Lobos. Before that, Galven studied at the Sri KDU International School where he was part of the Malaysian National Elite Squad that won the State Team Championships in 2013 and 2014.

Winning becoming a norm for Galven

The 2014 Malaysian Golf Awards Junior Golfer of the Year also won 2015 Malaysian Golf Awards Amateur Golfer of the year has been the winner of the Malaysian Amateur Closed Championships for 3 consecutive years in 2014, 2015, and 2016. In 2019, Galven won the Mountain West Championship at the OMNI Tucson National in Arizona, an achievement following his brother’s footsteps who won it in 2014. He will then continue to win the 44th Southern Junior Golf Championships at the University of Texas Golf Club in the United States. That year saw Galven participating at the Gunung Geulis Golf Invitational as well.

Tournaments and Achievements

  • 2019 Thailand Masters – Finished 60th
  • 2019 Gobbler Amateur – Finished 32nd
  • 2019 William H. Tucker – Finished 2nd </li.
  • 2019 Gunung Geulis Golf Invitational – Finished 31st
  • 2019 Singapore Open Amateur Championship – Finished 16th
  • 2019 Selangor Amateur Open – Finished 3rd
  • 2019 Mountain West Championship – Finished 1st

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