Lim Beng Keat


Lim Beng Keat is a Malaysian amateur golfer who recently won the 2019 Sibu Amateur Open Golf Championship held at the Sibu Golf Club. He won the men’s category together with fellow ladies golfer Mirabel Ting where they pitted their skills against some 80 other golfers from East Malaysia. He is currently studying overseas in the United States under the US College Scholarship while still being actively involved in the golfing calendar.

His most recent participation was at the 2021 GSAC Men’s Championship where he finished tenth. At the 2021 TMU Spring Invite, he finished at the 9th spot. A year before that, he completed the Firestorm Invitational at the tenth place which was a great achievement then while being top at the 2020 Vanguard Invitational and fourth the 2020 OUAZ Fall Invite4. Beng Keat played at the 2020 Grapevine Amateur where he finished at 6th space and a remarkable 10th place at the 2019 Malaysian Amateur Open.

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