ECCO Shoes – The Ideal Footwear for Golfers


You cannot afford to compromise with comfort and suitability when it comes to shoes for golf. Most golf brands such as Nike and Adidas make some of the best shoes in the world and they have respective options for golf as well but not many make them as good as ECCO, an international family-owned shoe brand.

Making them as good as they come

Known for its shoes that combine style and comfort, ECCO has grown from a family business back in 1963 in Denmark to become one of the top brands in the leather and luxury shoes segment internationally. Today, ECCO shoes are made with innovative technology and have superior leather quality and design.

Golf and ECCO – the Perfect Combination

Karl Toosbuy is the man behind ECCO shoes. Started out in Bredebro, Denmark, it began with making shoes before expanding into the production of leather and other products. Its first retail store was opened in its home country in 1982 where it has since grown to nearly 100 countries around the world. What makes ECCO so unique is that ECCO maintains its quality in the production of its leather and shoe products.

It is in fact one of the largest high-quality leather producers in the world. Its premium leather is used in ECCO shoes which they also supply to other brands in golf. In the golf apparel market, ECCO is ranked fourth after Nike, Adidas and FootJoy. This is a remarkable achievement considering ECCO is competing among the biggest names in the shoe industry.

For golf, ECCO has been worn for nearly 30 years now. The first ECCO golf shoe was made in 1996 but it was only in 2002 that ECCO started its golf division that put more focus and product development for shoes in this sport.

Its shoes are known because they provide:

  • Comfort – Specially designed to suit the golfer who spends hours on the green
  • Durability – To be worn under all types of condition and not damaged easily
  • Style – Designed to reflect the current trend.
  • Acknowledged – Well suited for the modern golfer and worn by distinguished players like Henrik Sentson, Fred Couples and Ernie Els.


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