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One of the oldest and most established brands in the world of golf is Miura. With so many golf brands out, Miura golf stands out having a strong reputation for quality and attention to detail. Such is the philosophy of this brand since it started and continues to be so until the present day.

Recognized for class and quality

The Miura golf brand originated in Himeji, Japan. Founded by Katsuhiro Miura, it was back in 1957 when he committed to creating a brand that will be refined, elegant and not attempted by any other golf brand at that time.

He set out to design golf clubs with a forging process that will become what would be known as The Miura Feel, something which still resonates among golfers today.

Together with either one of his sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka, they would hand-craft every single golf club, giving each piece the originality and uniqueness it deserved.

Original technique and technology

Miura golf clubs are designed using their own patented forging process. This is because Miura believed that the conventional method of forging irons in golf clubs was not good enough.

Hence, he set out to find a better way and used a raw material known as S20C. This is a premium soft carbon steel that is strong and sturdy but not overly heavy.

Process of forging

The first thing that Miura did was to use the best possible raw material. With S20C, the factory gets them in different sizes based on the models they are producing.

After that, they will go through various stages like first and second forging before they are deburred. From there, the clubs are shaped and accurately forged before stamping and then pressed.

World-class design

In creating the best golf club, Miura also ensured that a new standard of design by adopted so that the perfect iron can be derived. The distinct principles continue to be used today where Miura forged irons go through technical and transitional design to cater to the personal preferences of the golfer.

  • Technical Design – This refers to the elements in constructing a club that is consistent and reliable. It involved issues like size, bounce, the center of gravity (COG) and such.
  • Transitional Design – The design process will not only cover a single iron. This part ensures that a full set of clubs be designed that will complement and collaborate with one another.

Popular Miura Clubs

Unlike most golf club brands, Miura clubs usually stick with iron for several years before releasing newer ones. Here are some of the popular ones in the market.

    • Miura CB-301 – The 301 is one of the most popular Miura clubs which has been given an upgrade recently. This has been the best-selling Miura iron and a successful one. It comes with a large clubface and has a classic look.
    • Miura TC-201 – A great iron for the more experienced players who like a classic cavity back instead of a blade. This club is known for superb forgiveness.
    • Miura MC-501 – Set for a less aggressive hit, this iron epitomizes the design direction that has put Miura clubs on the map.
    • Miura MB-101 – The MB-101 is another Miura club that was given a new look recently. This blade has been known for its soft and steady impact and they have maintained it so.
    • Miura KM-2 Putter – This putter brings the retro design back to style. Using Miura’s stainless steel, the grip is excellent with an angular look that does not grow old.
    • Miura K-Grind Wedge – This is perhaps one of the most recognized clubs from Miura. It has been made to get out of the sand by reducing twisting in the rough and comes with Miura’s signature design.

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