Ping G25 Driver – An excellent all-rounder


The Ping G25 Driver is quite a simple Driver. It has a classic look to it as compared to other Drivers of its class which are more contemporary or modern. If you are looking for a Driver that gives you a feel of the 70s or perhaps 80s, then you should seriously consider the G25 because it has just the right look and feel to it, and then some.

The thing is, when you see the name ‘Ping’ you will get the impression of a more traditional and old-fashioned brand but looks can be deceiving and beneath the wooden layers and all that, lies the innovation that Ping is so renowned for.

In fact Ping can be regarded as one of the most innovative golf brands and products which have been ground-breaking in many ways. The G25 is one of the latest adjustable Drivers to have come out from Ping although this might not be the company’s invention. Ping only launched its version of the adjustable Driver a few years after its close-competitor TaylorMade did which did not do too well but in G25, it seems that Ping has found the answer.

The Pros of G25 Driver

The Ping G25 has a good look to it and gives you a good feel and grip. It has a good combination of form and function and if you are looking for a Driver that gives your swing a good height to the ball, then this is the one. Straights are well-hit and you get some very consistent performance with this one. At impact, the solid shots give you a lot of confidence and stability and it is very well launched through most wind types.

The Cons of G25 Driver

Response to the G25 has been pretty good although many testers did voice their concerns that the clubhead is a bit too large while there have been some reservations about the impact feel.

G25 Driver, Conclusion:

The Ping G25 is one of the highest-rated models in this class and it can be played in most winds. If you control it well, you can make the curve shots quite easily as well. Its pear-shaped clubhead and the classic matte finish are just aesthetically pleasing.


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