Ping i20 Iron – Simplicity and Functional


Anyone who has seen the Ping i20 will agree that it has a good look to it. In fact, on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, the Ping i20 will surely come around 4 to 5. So it is a no brainer that Ping do design good looking clubs, but how then about the performance?

According to Ping, they used tungsten weight in the toe of the head which was supposed to improve the balancing of the head during the swings. Hence, it might not perform that well if you are looking to maneuver the shot to the sides. In fact, it would be most suitable for ‘point and shoot’ situations because you get the feeling that the Ping i20 is designed for this purpose. On top of that, you do get a good trajectory which are not to excessive as well.

The i20 Iron from Ping is both classy and functional. As anyone would come to expect from Ping products, they spend a lot of effort in the looks because it matters to the player. But this might be an iron which has too much aesthetics and not enough on the playability which could be a big drawback and perhaps disappointment to many.

The Pros of Ping i20 Iron:

It looks good and has a very easy to hit sweet-spot. Great design and shots with long irons can be quite easy to hit.

The Cons of Ping i20 Iron:

If you are one who like to work side shots (to left or right), then it might not be the best iron for you. The i20 looks good but do not quite stand out among others in the class in terms of performance. You might need to work out a full swing to get more from this.

Our conclusion for Ping i20 Iron:

Ultimately, the Ping i20 might be best used for a normal game play and might not be the most appropriate if you adopt more sophisticated techniques.

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