Best Putters For the Coming Year – Evnroll, SIK, Bettinardi


Each year, top golf brands produce and roll out a wide range of new clubs, some of which are improvements to their current models while others are entirely new series.

What to expect in the coming year for putters

For the next year, golfers can welcome a lot of new clubs. Putters for one will surely be at the centre of attraction with some of the top names announcing new line-ups and more exciting offerings.

It must be noted that putters can be more challenging as they tend to be more personal to the golfer and they are usually catered to the style of play. Some golfers prefer the mallet putter while others might be all for the blades.

Below are some new putters to look forward to next year.


EVNROLL is perhaps one of the most specialized manufacturers when it comes to putters and with more than a quarter century in this segment, they have rolled out an exciting and new putter for the coming season.

This EVNTROLL ER8v Putter is made with 303 stainless steel which gives it the stiffness it needs. They have claimed that they know how to make better putts and with this, it seems that they are on the way towards achieving that.

Besides that, the EVNROLL ER8v also looks really good, especially with its face-milling pattern and premium outlook.

SIK DW 2.0 C-Series Putter

The SIK DW 2.0 C-Series Putter is one that you can look forward to next year as it is designed to be easy to align and looks really classy. While the price might put you off a bit, this would be an investment you would not regret.

Another one of those brands known to make great putters, they are used by some of the prominent players like Bryson DeChambeau and many others.

One look at the putter and you will notice its silver finish which is luxurious and premium at the same time. They use the DW (double-wide) which is what Anser-style blade heads are known for. This gives you the impression that it is a combination of both mallet and blade.

Another thing that makes the SIK DW 2.0 C-Series so interesting is the patented face technology by SIK which creates better launch and roll when you hit.

Launched in 2022, the Bettinardi BB Series could well lead the putter market to the following year. With this, their milled putters can easily be perceived as the premium jewellery of golf.


With the BB1F, you will get the most toe hang that will be nice to hit while the BB1 is great for the more conventional golfers who like the plumber-neck blade design.

With the 303 stainless steel coupled with the grey PVD finish and Bettinardi’s own signature outlook, this putter would be an exciting piece to have in every golfer’s bag.

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter

TaylorMade is rolling out their Spider GT putter and they come in 4 colours. If you are less adventurous, black will be your ideal piece.

This comes with a small slant, single bend, face balanced, centre shaft and face balanced hosel options.

They have made the putter really light with the aluminium top plate which gives it a lot of stiffness and structure for the last hit.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X11 Putter

They made this with mid-single bend (slight), low single bend (moderate) hosel options and their Pistolero Plus grips.

They have been trying for some time now to find their way into the MOI putter areas and with this, it looks like they are making some inroads, especially with their own mallets and blades which have been hugely popular over the years.

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