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When it comes to putters, having the right one can influence your game very significantly. It is crucial that you use a putter which fits in your hands perfectly as you need to be steady and consistent during the last tap-in.

The collectible golf brand

Most golf brands out there in the market today make a full range of golf clubs and that includes putters too. Scotty Cameron putters have over the years been the preferred club not only by common golfers but also for competitions.

What makes Scotty Cameron putters so popular and why are they so valuable so much that even there is an after-market for Scotty Cameron golf club covers and grips? Some of these accessories are known to be valued at up to US$2,500 (RM10,000) each.

Why Scotty Cameron Putters are so good?

The name Scotty Cameron has been synonymous with premium clubs for a long time. Their putter is made through milled construction and uses top-quality materials.

Over the years, it is no secret that Scotty Cameron putters put a lot of research into their technology and also design that creates among the most beautiful and functional clubs.

They have and always will be creating their clubs with a head that will work well for the players especially when they like a mallet or blade putter.

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS is possibly the most popular club among them as it has been used by Tiger Woods who likes his blade putters.

It must be noted that since 1991, Scotty Cameron has been making putters while they also make them for the global brand Titleist.

Scotty Cameron Mallet Putter s

Based on the Phantom X design, the Scotty Cameron mallet series is always a popular choice. The Phantom X design is often considered the breakthrough for putters and with this, they have given the club a whole lot of improvements.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9 Putter comes with a milled steel face that plays out a great sound when hit. It also gives you the option of having hosels.

It is derived from the 2of the best Phantom X putters (the X 5 and the X11) with a longer alignment line.

Blade Putters

If you are looking for a blade putter, check out the Scotty Cameron Special Select series. One such club is the Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter.

This is the putter that will put anyone on the map. It is actually one of the most popular putters that even Tiger Woods loves to use it.

It works well and looks good too. It was back in 1997 when the Scotty Cameron Special Select 2 was introduced and they have continued to make new and improved ones ever since. They have made the top line thicker than before while they also took into account the requirements for the putter to be flatter towards the ground.

As a result, it is thinner and looks much better and hence, this is considered one of the most tour-like clubs around.

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Del Mar

This putter is one of the most nicely-designed ones around. They made the head shape has been designed with more space to take up the weight and give the stainless steel better balance.

This putter is very much similar to most others but it is the aesthetics that make it really stand out.

Circle T for tour players

Scotty Cameron initially designed the Circle T for competitive purposes which makes it a perfect one for tour players.

Over the years, the Circle-T or CT in some spaces has evolved and become a mainstay among the pros. As such, more unique putters were made to suit the pros and that includes even ‘Tour Only’ stamps on the putters, among others.

Scotty Cameron Future 6M

The Futura range is another of Scotty’s popular series. The multi-material club is made with an aluminum sole plate and face unit which gives you that superb feeling and stability.

It took many years of testing before the Futura became available. What makes it so unique is that it comes with a 75/25 weight distribution where the former is the horseshoe area while the face and body take up the latter.

With this, the Futura performs extremely well. When hit, the ball can roll off the face bouncing off the green.

Furthermore, the hit just sparkles and its premium sound gives you that satisfaction when you hit the ball. This could potentially be one of the most stable putters in its category.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5.5 Putter

This putter brings together some of the most beautiful designs on a mid-mallet and its shape just demonstrates better forgiving. If you know Scotty Cameron putters, you might have heard of the GoLo series from the past and the 5.5 looks just how it would have been then.

It has a somewhat slanted back neck where the toe flow is near maximum. With this, it is enough for the putter to open and close when hitting.

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