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Golf Malaysia magazine that was first published in the 1980s is today’s leading golf publication not only in the country but also in the ASEAN region. Its monthly issue provides a variety of information that benefits those who are in the industry including golfers, golf clubs and golf equipment manufacturers.

According to the latest record from the publication, the magazine is currently distributed to a total of 201 golf clubs throughout Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, another seven in Brunei and 17 in Singapore. Besides that, readers can also purchase its monthly issue in major bookstores nationwide or subscribe directly from the company.

Leading Golf Magazine in Malaysia

With a distribution circulation up to 20,000 copies per month, the magazine has the potential to reach a wide network in the ASEAN region. The magazine has recorded readers from all walks of life ranging from senior executives, board directors, decision-makers as well as politicians. Besides that, it is also believed that these groups of readers have the highest level of income and credit card-holders.

Major sections in Golf Malaysia

Among some of its content including in-depth reviews of the local, top golfing destinations and holidays, professional golf tips for beginners and amateurs, current golf memberships, special golfing packages, latest golf equipment and plenty more. The magazine is accredited by several major Golf Courses in Malaysia and around the world such as the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA), Malaysian Professional Golf Association (MPGA), Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA), International Publishers Cup, USA (IPC) and International Network of Golf Society, USA (ING).

What makes Golf Malaysia the go-to magazine is that it provides a wide range of topics which are current and helpful for golfers. This includes:

  • Latest News – The biggest headlines are displayed on the front page that reports on the latest golf news from both the local and international fronts.
  • Health and Fitness – This segment includes articles and resources to help you improve your health and general wellbeing. From ways to reduce back pains to the best health tips and many more, readers can find out how to enjoy golf better.
  • Player Profiles – Find out more about golfers from around the world, what were their achievements like, who they are and what are their personalities.
  • Pro Pointer – This is one of the most popular segments in the magazine. In every edition, there will be in-depth explanations and tips to help you improve the game. This could be in terms of the game rules, getting better swings, putting tips and many more.
  • Straight Talk – This section is an exciting segment that reports an interview with a golfer (local or international) to provide more insights on the person for readers.
  • Tournaments – Whenever there is a major tournament or event coming along, it will be reported in this section of the magazine. Readers can find out more about what the tournament is all about, who will be expected to participate and other details.
  • Golf Equipment – This section provides reviews on the latest equipment that golfers need for their game today from the latest putters to drivers, golf balls to rangefinders.
  • Travel and Leisure – Besides golf, this magazine also covers leisure articles. This section will review places of interest and travel options around Malaysia whether it is a place to visit, a golf resort or travelling tips.

Print and Circulation

Complimentary copies of Golf Malaysia are distributed to golf clubs and operators across the country including Sabah, Sarawak and to Brunei as well. Besides that, it is also distributed in major locations including:

  • MPH Outlets  and most major bookshops
  • Captains of Industry
  • Pro Shops in golf clubs
  • Sports retail outlets
  • Departmental stores with sections selling publications
  • Government Offices
  • Book shops in hotels and major landmarks
  • Direct subscription
  • Direct order
  • Official Organ of the PGM Tour
  • Libraries and lounges in golf clubs Tourism Malaysia Offices
  • among others

Target Audience and Market Segment

The main target readers of Golf Malaysia are those in the middle and upper-income groups. It also appeals very much to executives at the C-suite levels, board of directors, politicians, businessmen and top executives. This is in addition to readers and anyone who likes to know or is in the know about golf in Malaysia and beyond, including golf club operators, professional or amateur golfers and others.

It has been found in a recent survey that:

  • More than 90% are computer users
  • More than 95% of golfers have 2 vehicles
  • Over 72% of golfers travel overseas at least once annually for leisure
  • 90% of them play golf during vacations
  • More than half of the respondents are professionals or hold managerial jobs
  • Nearly half of them have at least 1 real estate property while about 55% of them have at least 2

Among the golf associations that Golf Malaysia is associated to include:

  • Professional of Golf Malaysia (PGM)
  • Malaysia Golf Trade Association (MGTA)
  • International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO)
  • Malaysian Golf Association (MGA)
  • Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA)
  • Malaysian Senior Golfers Society (MSGS)
  • International Network of Golf Society, USA (ING)
  • and many others.

Exclusive Clubs for golfers

Golf Malaysia recognizes the achievements of golfers and among the clubs that they can ‘qualify’ include those below:

Golf Malaysia Hole-In-One Club

There are now more than 20,000 members who have got a hole-in-one in Malaysia. The Hole-in-One Club is an exclusive club that keeps a record of golfers who have a hole-in-one.

All you need is to register a shot in a golf course either in Malaysia or Brunei and you can register with our club which comes with exclusive benefits and privileges. Among them include:

  • A certificate of Achievement
  • Sponsored Gifts
  • VIP Treatment through a Golf Malaysia Hole-in-One Club Discount Card
  • Special discounts at selected golf courses
  • Qualify to play in the ‘Ace of Aces’ Championship held each year
  • Bragging Rights!!!

Golf Malaysia Eagles Club

Membership Base: Over 7,250 golfers (as of October 2014)

Like the Hole-in-One club, the Eagles Club sets the bar higher. Established back in 1998, this club is to recognize golfers who have made it this far and comes with benefits including:

  • A certificate of achievement
  • Sponsored gifts
  • Chance to participate at the Golf Malaysia Eagles Championship

Exclusive Tournaments by Golf Malaysia

Every year, Golf Malaysia organizes several tournaments like:

Golf Malaysia ‘Champion of Champions’ Championship

This is one of the most established tournaments held locally which started out in 1986.

The Master of Amateur golf and its traditional Green Jacket model is one of the most sought-after events for amateurs across the country who come along vying for the ‘Golf Malaysia Champion of Champions’ title.

Golf Malaysia Eagles Championship

A tournament organized for the Golf Malaysia Eagles Club is held annually.

 Golf Malaysia’s Craziest 18 Championship

This event is open to all amateur golfers in the country. Established in 2010, it is quite a unique tournament with prizes given for novelty events on every hole being competed, making the tournament all the more exciting.

Golf Malaysia ‘Ace of Aces’ Championship

This is an annual championship held for Golf Malaysia’s Hole-in-One Club members and has been around since it started in 1989.

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