Top Irons from the top 5 brands of Bridgestone, Titleist, Taylormade, Srixon, Miura, Honma, Cobra and more


Do you know your irons? Which brand should you choose when it comes to buying the right club for your game? The top golf manufacturers have their own models when it comes to irons, designed for specific skill levels and types of gameplay. Here are the top irons from the 5 top golf brands around.

Titleist 695MB Forged Blade irons

Titleist 695MB Forged Blade Iron is designed for professional players as it features technology to convenient mid to low handicap players when striving for precision with every swing. Hence, players can have control their game. Beginners with a high handicap can forget about this iron set.

This model with minimal offset offers players a superb feel and quality that allows the professional player to maintain and lower their handicap level by adjusting the system. One will notice that Titleist 695 MB forged blade irons look similar to the traditional forged iron. The design is sleek, sophisticated and beautiful.

In addition to the stylish design, this forged blade iron also comes with a thin top that offers a low gravity centre for better distances with each swing. An added feature in Titleist 695 MB forged blade irons the narrow sole offers options for professional players to control their shot.

Finally, the flat edge and raised toe assist the player to locate the sweet spot in no time. To sum it up, Titleist 695 MB forged blade iron is highly recommended for advanced players for better precision when golfing.

Ben Hogan Apex Blade irons

Mentioned Ben Hogan Apex Blade irons and chances are, those who are into golf will know that the company is renowned for designing and producing top quality high powered golf irons. This apex blade iron offers more control and a superb feel (when you grip it) compared to other irons catered for beginners.

A professional or advanced golfer usually intends to seek iron with good control to enable them to swing and aim precisely. Hence, Ben Hogan Apex Blade irons is here in the market to satisfy the golfers’ demand. It features gold steel shafts as well as S4 stiff flex.

Such features allow golfers to hit the ball as soft or hard as they want. The iron comes with 3-9 iron making it the right and best iron for advanced players. To sum it up, this blade iron offers good control and precision.

Bridgestone J33 Blade irons

Bridgestone J33 Blades is highly recommended for advanced players with low to mid handicap levels. Generally, these mid to low players need irons that have better control and good precision to improve their game. Hence, J33 Blades that have incorporated Bridgestone technology is designed for a higher centre of gravity.

This feature helps the advanced player to control their shots precisely. But bear in mind that even though the feature may help the advanced player to aim better, amateurs or beginners may have a hard time controlling the swing. The reduced offset for Bridgestone J33 Blades is available in both stiff and regular irons.

Titleist 735 Blade irons

Titleist 735 has a beautiful and sleek design with a perfect combination of great features suitable for mid-handicap players to feel comfortable and superb when gripping it. Players can easily adjust the irons and have full control with each swing.

It is suitable for advanced or professional players that can control their swings from start to finish. And similar to any other irons, this blade iron is not designed for beginners particularly for those who have a hard time controlling the grip when swinging the iron.

It comes in 3 PW and the section of clubs are separated into a different degree of the cavity to bring out the best in the players. The low centre of gravity allows players to hit right where they desire. Also, it is available in mild carbon steel and forged stainless steel to suit players’ preferences.

Callaway X-Tour Blade irons

After learning about irons highly recommended for advanced and professional players (mentioned above), Callaway X Tour Iron is catered to intermediate players who are on their way to improve and boost their performance.
It allows players to have enough control over the game and learn with every swing as the club will not do all the work for them. Thus, with Callaway X Tour irons, players can learn how to correct their mistakes in every game. Do not worry if you progress from intermediate to advanced player as these irons are also highly recommended for professional players.
It is one of the best irons available in the market especially for players who are sure and confident of their shot. Callaway X Tour irons are available with 3 PW with a wide array of choices from Nippon steel shafts to graphite.

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