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Special tips for buying second hand clubs

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Second-hand or used golf sets might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It would be best for beginners and if you have just learned to like the game. After all, it is a whole lot cheaper than going for the new ones just in case. So what should you be aware of? Here are some tips to get you started and what to look out for.

What to look out for in used golf clubs

Price – You must first work around a budget. Do some research about how much a full set of golf clubs costs then work along a 30 to 50% lesser figure. That should be sufficient to get you started. There is no point in paying slightly less for an entirely same set of golf clubs.

Brand – There are a lot of brands out there. In fact, some golfers are typically brand loyalists. If you are particular about this, then you might want to start with the golf brands. This would be the likes of Titleist, Taylor Made, Ping and others. Meanwhile, renowned sporting brands like Nike, Wilson and Mizuno are top players in this game as well.

Length – This depends largely on your height. In most cases, the length of golf clubs are quite standard across all brands. However, if you are shorter than 5 feet or taller than 6 feet 6 inches, then the standard clubs might not be good for you. As such, you need to look for those with longer or shorter shafts.

Wear and Tear – This is the easiest to identify. Some clubs are designed with sharp colours like the Cleveland CG which is predominantly black in colour. The Mizuno JPX driver has a black face to it and some red on the shaft. Look and see if the colours have faded or the finish is starting to thin.

Then, check the grips. In some cases, the grips are quite worn and it will be quite costly to even replace them. Otherwise, check the heads of the shafts and see if there are dents. Some golfers tend to hit the club on the ground due to anger and frustration.

Choosing your clubs – A full set of clubs will include the 3 woods involving the driver, the 3 and 5 wood and an additional 8 irons which are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 plus a pitching wedge and another putter. If you are a seasoned golfer looking for a spare set, then getting the entire bag is fine. But if you are beginner, you probably do not need so many clubs. 2 woods, the 3 and 5 and 4 irons, the 4, 6, 8 and the pitching wedge together with the putter would be enough.

Putter – This is something that you need to feel it to know it. Ping and Titleist putters are quite popular but you need to feel and see if the club feel balanced and light when you hold it. This is one club which needs special attention because it is supposed to finish the game for you. If it does not feel right, then don’t buy it.