Golfing in Malaysia

Golfing in Malaysia


Malaysia is home to one of the most complete tourist destinations in the world. Here is where you will be able to find all types of attractions ranging from modern cities to the traditional villages, cultural performances to highlands, islands, beach side resorts and also rich, natural rainforests and national parks.

In Malaysia, you will find one of the most exciting and wide variety of golfing choices if you are an avid golfer. You will find that coming to Malaysia for a golf trip will accord you with more than just the game. This is where you will find a world class golf course or resort at almost every of the 13 states and 3 Federal Territories of the country where you can enjoy your game while your friends and families could indulge in other activities like shopping or enjoying the sea side and such.

Most of the Golf Courses in Malaysia are located towards the outskirts of the major towns and cities although you will find that there are some located within the commercial areas. The best places to go is towards the highlands where there weather is cooling and one can just enjoy a time out with nature. Highlands are located at almost every state in Malaysia while you can also head out to the island Golf Courses as well as some which are located around the beaches and sea side.

If you do not have much time to spend and is pretty much limited to the city centre, you will find many Golf Courses located around the suburbs like the Tropicana Golf Course in the Klang Valley. This world-class course is located just minutes away from the city centre where you can indulge and enjoy your golf while the kids can enjoy a time out at the pool and other activities. For those of you who have time to spend and can afford to take your time and enjoy the game, you can head out to all other states like Selangor, Kedah and even towards East Malaysia in Sabah and Sarawak where they have one of the most beautiful greens in the world for you to choose from.

Malaysian Golf Magazine

There are various Malaysian golf magazines providing solid golf information to avid golfers. But of course, the largest so far is magazine. Established since 1980, it is also the leading golf publication in Asean region. Published monthly, the magazine offers variety of information ranging from top Golf Courses, consumer goods manufacturers and distributors as well as equipment manufacturers.

Enthusiastic golfers can get a glimpse of the monthly issue from over 200 Golf Courses nationwide and another 17 courses in Singapore and remaining seven in Brunei. Besides that, golfers can also purchase it from major bookstores or subscribe it using a form featured in monthly issue.

Each month, the magazine which is distributed over 10,000 copies can reach not only the target audience but also wider potential clients. In each issue, the magazine features simple rules for beginners, in-depth review of the latest equipments for sale in the market, top golfing destinations, tips on how to improve skills and other editorial opinions.

Golf Tournaments in Malaysia

Every year, amateur golfers can register to participate in Maybank Malaysian Open as it aims to encourage more new players to get involve in this exciting sport. Offering prize money of US $ 2 million, players are required to play over 72 holes in 4 rounds.

Participating players will be selected up to remaining 65 after playing 32 holes. The official sanctioning bodies are PGA European Tour Asian Tour and Malaysian Golf Association.

Malaysian government encouraged women to participate in golf activities to ensure that women also enjoy the same exciting and beneficial sports as it is not limited to men only. Thus, Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA) was incepted officially on March 1983 by the founder, Mary Williams.

Ten years after its establishment, MALGA was taken over by Sports Commissioner of Malaysia, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. The association has since expanded rapidly to cater the interest of women’s golf in Malaysia

Introduction to Golf Game

Golf refers to a form of sports activity whereby players are required to hit the balls into specific holes on a golf course. Winners are determined by the lowest number to strokes to get the ball into the hole. Competing players (golfers) must complete a series of 18 holes to be declared as winner.

Uniquely designed golf course is meant to captivate the players while they are enjoying the game on beautifully landscaped greenery. It comprises a total of 18 holes that is separated off by two lines/markers indicating legal tee area and also surrounded by flagsticks and cup. Certain Golf Courses consist of nine holes only as it can then be played twice that makes up the total of 18 holes.

In order to increase excitement of the game, different level of grass is set. Usually, most of the holes are within direct line-of-sight that enables the golfers to aim for it precisely. However, there are also certain holes set off from the tee-point (either bend to left or right). This is commonly known as dog’s knee.

As a beginner who would like to start a game, you need to have several basic equipments such as clubs, golf balls, tee, Golf Shoes, golf bag and also golf cart. Golf club contains grip on the top end for players to grab hold off while club head to strike the ball is on the bottom. In fact, golf clubs can be divided into two types – long and short.

Typically, long clubs are catered for players to strike the ball on a longer distance while short clubs are meant for short distance only. Bear in mind that when you are playing in a stipulated round, you are only allowed to bring a maximum of 14 clubs. Even though the official governing body has set that every club must be made according to the pre-determined parameters as pointed out in the rules, choice of clubs selected is still at player’s discretion.

Other equipments needed including spherical ball which is usually white, Golf Shoes complete with either metal or plastic spikes to increase traction and avoid accidents and golf bag which is used to carry 14 clubs and other supplies such as balls and gloves.