Why you should not be a left-handed golfer?


Golf can be highly satisfying once you learn how to play it well. But unlike other sports, it makes a huge difference in which side you play on which means you might want to avoid being a left-handed golfer.

Natural but not easy

There are enough provisions in golf for left-handed players but there are more advantages to play with your right hands than your left. This might be something natural for right-handed people but it might be a struggle for left-handers. But we will always encourage your young players or those who are starting to learn the game to use the right hand if possible. After all, golf is not a one-handed game. Unlike tennis or badminton where the racquet can be used by either hand, golf clubs are more specialized.

Top reasons why you should not be a left-handed golfer

There is no discrimination or bias in any way but being a left-handed golfer will have several disadvantages. One might think that it is only switching sides. It is not! It is not merely just swinging to your left side (while 90% of the others swing to the right) but a whole lot more. So, here are some of the best reasons to start with your right.

  • Finding the right equipment – Most of the clubs for testing in the Pro Shop are right-handed as they cater to the majority of their customers. They usually stock very few left-handed clubs. Another item you might find it hard to buy is gloves as you get many options when it comes to right-hand gloves and a numbered few for the left.
  • Used clubs – The ratio of right versus left-handed clubs is about 100 to 1 but if you want something more specific it could go up to thousands to one. Meanwhile, if you are planning to sell your used left-handed club, you will have a hard time finding buyers (without selling them for cheap).
  • Learning the game – As mentioned, learning to play golf with your left hand can be hard because most tutorials and coaches are right-handed. There will always be confusion when you learn them as you need to distinguish the ‘right’ as ‘left’ and vice versa.


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