Sinar FM


Sinar FM is one of the top radio stations in Malaysia. It has been reported to be among the local stations with one of the highest listener base in the country.

Background about Sinar FM

Sinar FM started airing in March 2007. Having been in the sector for slightly more than 10 years, it has been one of the best successes among all other stations.

Facts about Sinar FM

Among the important facts about Sinar FM are:

    1. Frequency: Sinar FM is enjoyed through 96.7 FM in the Klang Valley and its surrounding regions. However, it can be heard on other frequencies depending on the location.
    2. Coverage: This station is heard throughout the country where it is aired throughout the northern region in Langkawi and Kedah and towards the eastern coast of Kelantan and Terengganu. Besides that, it is aired in East Malaysia, heard in cities like Miri and Sandakan. In fact, listeners in Brunei Darulssalam gets to enjoy Sinar FM while it is heard in Singapore too
    3. Slogan: Menyinari Hidupmu – which means Illuminates Your Life
    4. Language: Bahasa Malaysia

Owner and operator – Astro Radio

Listener Base

Sinar FM’s sister stations include the likes of LiteFM, Melody FM, Era FM, Mix FM, Hitz FM and THR Raaga, all of which are format radio stations and leaders in their own categories. As such Sinar FM is very much a targeted station which have its own listener profile.
Its main listeners today are mostly those in the middle-age group. They are mostly more mature listeners which is why Sinar FM plays a lot of classic and adult contemporary hits. The younger listeners of Bahasa Malaysia music would usually tune in to Sinar FM’s sister stations like Era FM and THR Gegar. It has been recorded that Sinar FM have more than 3.7 million listeners. This puts its as the second leading Malay radio station.

Sinar FM in the news

Sinar FM organizes various competitions and activities to entice its listeners to stay tuned. Among one of the recent games that garnered a lot of attention is in its lip-syncing competition. A listener known as Kak Girl (full name Nur Amira Maslan) had joined the competition by Sinar FM and won where she took home RM3,000.00. After that, she uploaded her clips on social media. She has since been followed by more than 80,000 people and she even landed a job in a radio station as an announcer in her home town.

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